The 3 Best Above Ground Pool Heaters To Buy in 2019

best above ground pool heater

How to pick the Best Above Ground Pool Heater for your pool

A high-quality above ground pool heater is going to make your life maintaining your swimming pool a whole lot easier than it would have been with solar covers alone.

There’s nothing quite like diving headfirst into an aboveground pool to cool down in the heat of summer, aside from taking in a couple of quick laps in early spring and late fall – or even into the winter – because you have invested in a quality pool heater that works wonders without breaking your bank account.

With so many options out there today, however, finding the right swimming pool heater is a little more challenging than most assume at first.

The right pool heater is going to work wonders with your specific swimming pool, will be a high quality product that should last and last for years to come, and will be easy enough to install on your own should you choose to go in that direction – easily being implemented into your existing swimming pool circulation system.

Below we highlight three of our favorite aboveground pool heaters that we think you will really like!

Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series


Universally regarded as the most popular brand in the pool heater industry, you really can’t go wrong with this pool heater from Hayward.

Taking advantage of advanced construction materials in the heat exchanger to provide more efficient heating of your pool, you’ll be able to reach and maintain ideal temperatures with no difficulty – and no real extra expense – compared to other options.


The fact that this Hayward model leverages a cupro-nickel heat exchanger module practically guarantees that you’re going to get clean, effortless, and consistent heating out of this unit from the moment that you first install it. Patented polymer headers that are coupled with a smartly designed bypass valve dramatically increase overall hydraulic efficiency as well.

Combine that with the 400,000 BTUs this unit can put out and you’re looking at something really special here.


Lightning Fast – It’s hard to imagine there being a faster gas powered pool heater on the market down this

Hi Max Temperatures – You can achieve almost any temperature you’d like and hold it with this swimming pool heater

Accurate Display Module – You’ll always know what’s going on “under the hood” of your Hayward heater thanks to this display system


This swimming pool heater can be a little loud, especially at peak operation times


The price point for this swimming pool heater is very competitive, especially when stacked up against other 400,000 BTU options for larger swimming pools.


“This swimming pool heater got my pool up to almost hot tub temperatures in record time”

“I can’t believe how well this pool heater holds my temperatures all year round”

“Installation was effortless!”


Those looking for an easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain large format swimming pool heater for their aboveground pool will love everything this Hayward model has to offer.

Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Swimming Pool


This solar heating mat is a best seller in the above ground swimming pool heating world and for good reason – it is very environmentally friendly, effortless to take advantage of, and can raise the temperatures of your pool water by up to 10°F in almost 48 hours.

If you’re looking for a real “set it and forget it” kind of solution that isn’t going to break your bank account this is definitely where you’ll want to focus your attention.


The advanced solar power heating technology in this unit captures the sun’s rays and focuses them onto your swimming pool, raising the temperatures of the water underneath this swimming pool heating mat while at the same time locking in those temperatures with an extra layer of insulation.

Best of all, because it is solar powered you won’t have to spend a penny on energy running this unit all year round.


Safe to Use – There’s no electricity (aside from the solar components), no natural gas, and no other potentially dangerous fuel or energy sources you have to worry about with this solution

Installation is Effortless – Literally all you have to do is stretch this solar cover around your pool and you are good to go

Very Affordable – Compared to some of the much more expensive pool heating options out there today this is a drop in the bucket from a purely pricing standpoint.


The format of this solar heater isn’t ideal for larger sized swimming pools


It’s absolutely impossible to beat the bare-bones price tag of this solar powered heating mat if you’re willing to go in this direction.


“I was sure that this solar heating mat was too good to be true but was pleasantly surprised to find my pool temps raised by almost 10°F over a three day stretch of time”

“Works well even in cloudy weather”

“Paired it with a traditional heat pump to get the best of both worlds, now spend a lot less on energy and get more consistent temperatures”


Harnessing the energy of the sun to heat your swimming pool is a very savvy move, particularly if you don’t want to spend any more on maintaining your swimming pool than you are right now. This is a top-tier piece of technology and certainly one of the best aboveground pool heating options money can buy.

Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium


Another great pool heater from the folks at Hayward, this particular option includes an acoustic compressor cover that helps to insulate your backyard from the loud noises other pool heating systems inevitably bring to the table.


The titanium heat exchanger in this model provides for may be the most efficient transfer of energy to your swimming pool water, guaranteeing that temperatures are raised in record time. It isn’t at all uncommon for folks with this heating unit to be able to bring the temperatures of their swimming pool up by 10°F inside of 2 to 4 hours (not two to four days).

On top of that, the efficiency helps to cut down on overall operating costs as well. This unit works wonders for larger pools as well as medium-sized pools, though it may be a little overkill for smaller aboveground set ups.


Safe to Use – The safety features on this unit our top shelf, helping to protect you and your loved ones with instant shut off and accident detection technology

Incredible Build Quality – Hayward states that this product will last for at least 10 years (and sometimes even longer than that)

Amazing Price – Compared to other titanium heat exchangers this unit doesn’t just offer better results and better performance but it also has a better price.


The only real knock against this Hayward titanium pool heater is that it is a little bit on the heavier side of things, but it’s not like you are going to be walking around with it strapped to your back.


Stacked up against the competition the price point for this Hayward titanium pool heater is very affordable.


“The titanium construction materials aren’t just marketing mumbo-jumbo. My pool was 10° hotter inside of just five hours!”

“This unit has way better performance than my old system and uses less energy to deliver those results”

“I like to know that I’m going to be able to rely on this pool heater for the next decade or more”


If you want to leverage the latest and greatest cutting-edge pool heating technology paired with the best construction materials available for even and efficient heating of your swimming pool water, this amazing aboveground option is ideal for you.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, all three of the top options we highlighted above are perfect pool heating solutions for those with above ground pools that they want a little warmer.

Finding the right one for your specific needs really comes down to the kind of aboveground pool you already have, how hot and how quickly you want your swimming pool water to achieve those temperatures, and the budget that you have to play around with.

The odds are pretty good that you’ll find the perfect aboveground pool heater for your needs in the list included above!