The 3 Best Pentair Pool Heaters To Buy in 2019

best pentair pool heater

How to pick the Best Pentair Pool Heater

If folks recommend to you the 3 best Pentair pool heaters, what would hold you back from checking them out?  There comes a point when you go to use your pool and the water is just too cold…again. That seems to always be the case even if it’s warm outside. It’s especially embarrassing if you’re having a social gathering poolside and no-one can go in the water because it never warms up. What if you have therapeutic exercises that you’re required to do per doctor’s orders and they need to be done inside the pool but you can’t tolerate the cold water?  You basically had a pool put in that you can’t use.

The Pentair pool heaters are touted as the most energy-efficient and in turn most cost-effective pool heaters on the market. You will actually be gaining the value back out of your pool that you paid for it by using it and saving money with the high efficiency of using the Pentair brand. Interested?  Let’s check out those three models.

There were a lot of models for Pentair that were vying for these spots but these three kept popping up as the most liked among them.

Pentair 460736 Mastertemp High Performance Eco friendly Pool Heater – Natural Gas.

This heater is among the best made of any that is sold on the market today. It has set the bar as far as energy efficiency exceeding the required standards. It is certified for low NOx emissions making it environmentally friendly to operate. There is a digital display which rotates for easy use as well as digital controls. The unit offers electronic ignition along with safety features including a switch for the water pressure as well as one for the high limit and a sensor for the stock flue.  The water temperature is displayed on the control panel.  The system status as well as service requirements are alerted by way of five LED lights on the panel.  The heater is perfect to heat medium to larger sized pools in a very fast and efficient manner and has also been designed to do so in an ultra quiet process.


  • Natural gas of 400,000 BTU
  • Premixed gas/air process
  • The heat exchanger of cupronickel
  • Electronic ignition
  • Switches for both high limit as well as water pressure for safety
  • Energy-efficient, head of its class
  • NOx emissions exceeded standards
  • When service is required, manual gas will shut down


  • Good for salt/freshwater
  • Compact in size
  • Heats very quickly
  • User-friendly
  • Super quiet operation
  • Digital display which rotates


Install may be a bit difficult.  It’s important to follow the manufacturer instructions very carefully or allow the professional install to set up for you.


The price for the unit on Amazon was $2442.89.


As one of the 3 best Pentair pool heaters, consumers were overall very happy with the product with one indicating it was ‘top of the line’ heater.  They felt it was more efficient than any other used before and found it to be very dependable. It will be recommended to anyone looking to put in a pool said some and others found it to be awesome, an overall great heater.

Pentair 460737 Mastertemp High Performance Eco friendly Pool Heater – Propane Gas – 400,000 BTU.

This Mastertemp is above other pool heaters on the market inefficiency and cost savings.  It has the ability to heat a medium to a large pool in record time to reach and maintain a comfortable temp for your swim water, but it is environmentally friendly in that it boasts low NOx emissions which is unlike most propane gas heaters out there.  The heater is fairly compact and the cabinet is made with corrosion-proof and rust-resistant design. It can fit with ease on any type of the pad and is durable to withstand the extremes in weather conditions.  The unit is engineered so that operation is done with the least amount of noise making it one of the quietest pool heaters on the market. The controls are simplistic making for very user-friendly operation. There are safety precautions built into this machine including switches for a high limit as well as water pressure and a sensor for stack flue.


  • Low NOx certified
  • If service is needed, manual gas shuts down
  • Digital display rotates
  • 400,000 BTU worth of propane gas
  • Durable corrosion-proof, rust-resistant cabinet able to hold up under any weather conditions
  • Ignition is hot surface
  • Energy-efficient, top in class


  • Super quiet
  • Heats fast
  • Compact
  • Efficient
  • Easy to install


It is an easy unit to install but if you want to take advantage of the three-year warranty, you need to let the professional set it up for you.


This heater prices on Amazon at $2356.39.


As one of the 3 best Pentair pool heaters, this heater received positive feedback. There were folks who were very happy they switched out their old heaters for this one  feeling that it added such a massive improvement. Others felt it was easy to install, works great, very efficient, and overall a fantastic heater.

Pentair Ultratemp 140 Pool Heat Pump 460934.

This heater is boasted as the most user friendly of any heat pump designed by any manufacturer. It offers an LED digital display which is very simplistic and there are auto-set controls that will automatically flip on and shut off after the temp that is needed has been reached. Self diagnostic software is always monitoring the system to maintain the optimum level of performance.


  • User-friendly LED control panel with messages in full text, no coding
  • Water temp is monitored by the auto set feature which goes on/off to maintain temp
  • Exceeds existing standards for high efficiency
  • Engineered to provide super-quiet operation and updated in order to provide the lowest noise performance.
  • The unit is constantly monitored by self-diagnostic controls for effective performance.


  • Top of the line energy efficiency
  • Cost-effective
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • User-friendly
  • Cabinet made of durable corrosion-proof, rust resistant materials.


  • This pool heater would most likely need a professional to install.


Pricing on Amazon for this Pentair is $3764.79.


As one of the 3 best Pentair pool heaters the reviews were positive as folks felt that the pricing for this unit was well within limits for what they received and the benefits that the heater has given them. They felt that the heater overall works great.


If you want to get full value out of the pool that you had put in your yard, a pool heater is going to be essential.  Warming up that water takes a long time with just the sun’s rays. Even on hot days you can be left with a lukewarm pool.  You can save yourself from that by getting one of Pentair’s heaters.

The 3 best Pentair pool heaters selected here are just a few of many that Pentair offers.  These just happen to be three that many people pointed out a preference for and you may find beneficial for use with your pool. Many consumers have reported that there is no better than Pentair and they’ve been using them for years, replacing the old with new. That says a lot about a company and their products.