The 3 Best Pentair Pool Heaters To Buy in 2019

best pentair pool heater

How to pick the Best Pentair Pool Heater

If folks recommend to you the 3 best Pentair pool heaters, what would hold you back from checking them out?  There comes a point when you go to use your pool and the water is just too cold…again. That seems to always be the case even if it’s warm outside. It’s especially embarrassing if you’re having a social gathering poolside and no-one can go in the water because it never warms up. What if you have therapeutic exercises that you’re required to do per doctor’s orders and they need to be done inside the pool but you can’t tolerate the cold water?  You basically had a pool put in that you can’t use.

The Pentair pool heaters are touted as the most energy-efficient and in turn most cost-effective pool heaters on the market. You will actually be gaining the value back out of your pool that you paid for it by using it and saving money with the high efficiency of using the Pentair brand. Interested?  Let’s check out those three models.

There were a lot of models for Pentair that were vying for these spots but these three kept popping up as the most liked among them.

Pentair 460736 Mastertemp High Performance Eco friendly Pool Heater – Natural Gas.

This heater is among the best made of any that is sold on the market today. It has set the bar as far as energy efficiency exceeding the required standards. It is certified for low NOx emissions making it environmentally friendly to operate. There is a digital display which rotates for easy use as well as digital controls. The unit offers electronic ignition along with safety features including a switch for the water pressure as well as one for the high limit and a sensor for the stock flue.  The water temperature is displayed on the control panel.  The system status as well as service requirements are alerted by way of five LED lights on the panel.  The heater is perfect to heat medium to larger sized pools in a very fast and efficient manner and has also been designed to do so in an ultra quiet process.


  • Natural gas of 400,000 BTU
  • Premixed gas/air process
  • The heat exchanger of cupronickel
  • Electronic ignition
  • Switches for both high limit as well as water pressure for safety
  • Energy-efficient, head of its class
  • NOx emissions exceeded standards
  • When service is required, manual gas will shut down


  • Good for salt/freshwater
  • Compact in size
  • Heats very quickly
  • User-friendly
  • Super quiet operation
  • Digital display which rotates


Install may be a bit difficult.  It’s important to follow the manufacturer instructions very carefully or allow the professional install to set up for you.


The price for the unit on Amazon was $2442.89.


As one of the 3 best Pentair pool heaters, consumers were overall very happy with the product with one indicating it was ‘top of the line’ heater.  They felt it was more efficient than any other used before and found it to be very dependable. It will be recommended to anyone looking to put in a pool said some and others found it to be awesome, an overall great heater.

Pentair 460737 Mastertemp High Performance Eco friendly Pool Heater – Propane Gas – 400,000 BTU.

This Mastertemp is above other pool heaters on the market inefficiency and cost savings.  It has the ability to heat a medium to a large pool in record time to reach and maintain a comfortable temp for your swim water, but it is environmentally friendly in that it boasts low NOx emissions which is unlike most propane gas heaters out there.  The heater is fairly compact and the cabinet is made with corrosion-proof and rust-resistant design. It can fit with ease on any type of the pad and is durable to withstand the extremes in weather conditions.  The unit is engineered so that operation is done with the least amount of noise making it one of the quietest pool heaters on the market. The controls are simplistic making for very user-friendly operation. There are safety precautions built into this machine including switches for a high limit as well as water pressure and a sensor for stack flue.


  • Low NOx certified
  • If service is needed, manual gas shuts down
  • Digital display rotates
  • 400,000 BTU worth of propane gas
  • Durable corrosion-proof, rust-resistant cabinet able to hold up under any weather conditions
  • Ignition is hot surface
  • Energy-efficient, top in class


  • Super quiet
  • Heats fast
  • Compact
  • Efficient
  • Easy to install


It is an easy unit to install but if you want to take advantage of the three-year warranty, you need to let the professional set it up for you.


This heater prices on Amazon at $2356.39.


As one of the 3 best Pentair pool heaters, this heater received positive feedback. There were folks who were very happy they switched out their old heaters for this one  feeling that it added such a massive improvement. Others felt it was easy to install, works great, very efficient, and overall a fantastic heater.

Pentair Ultratemp 140 Pool Heat Pump 460934.

This heater is boasted as the most user friendly of any heat pump designed by any manufacturer. It offers an LED digital display which is very simplistic and there are auto-set controls that will automatically flip on and shut off after the temp that is needed has been reached. Self diagnostic software is always monitoring the system to maintain the optimum level of performance.


  • User-friendly LED control panel with messages in full text, no coding
  • Water temp is monitored by the auto set feature which goes on/off to maintain temp
  • Exceeds existing standards for high efficiency
  • Engineered to provide super-quiet operation and updated in order to provide the lowest noise performance.
  • The unit is constantly monitored by self-diagnostic controls for effective performance.


  • Top of the line energy efficiency
  • Cost-effective
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • User-friendly
  • Cabinet made of durable corrosion-proof, rust resistant materials.


  • This pool heater would most likely need a professional to install.


Pricing on Amazon for this Pentair is $3764.79.


As one of the 3 best Pentair pool heaters the reviews were positive as folks felt that the pricing for this unit was well within limits for what they received and the benefits that the heater has given them. They felt that the heater overall works great.


If you want to get full value out of the pool that you had put in your yard, a pool heater is going to be essential.  Warming up that water takes a long time with just the sun’s rays. Even on hot days you can be left with a lukewarm pool.  You can save yourself from that by getting one of Pentair’s heaters.

The 3 best Pentair pool heaters selected here are just a few of many that Pentair offers.  These just happen to be three that many people pointed out a preference for and you may find beneficial for use with your pool. Many consumers have reported that there is no better than Pentair and they’ve been using them for years, replacing the old with new. That says a lot about a company and their products.

The 3 Best Above Ground Pool Heaters To Buy in 2019

best above ground pool heater

How to pick the Best Above Ground Pool Heater for your pool

A high-quality above ground pool heater is going to make your life maintaining your swimming pool a whole lot easier than it would have been with solar covers alone.

There’s nothing quite like diving headfirst into an aboveground pool to cool down in the heat of summer, aside from taking in a couple of quick laps in early spring and late fall – or even into the winter – because you have invested in a quality pool heater that works wonders without breaking your bank account.

With so many options out there today, however, finding the right swimming pool heater is a little more challenging than most assume at first.

The right pool heater is going to work wonders with your specific swimming pool, will be a high quality product that should last and last for years to come, and will be easy enough to install on your own should you choose to go in that direction – easily being implemented into your existing swimming pool circulation system.

Below we highlight three of our favorite aboveground pool heaters that we think you will really like!

Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series


Universally regarded as the most popular brand in the pool heater industry, you really can’t go wrong with this pool heater from Hayward.

Taking advantage of advanced construction materials in the heat exchanger to provide more efficient heating of your pool, you’ll be able to reach and maintain ideal temperatures with no difficulty – and no real extra expense – compared to other options.


The fact that this Hayward model leverages a cupro-nickel heat exchanger module practically guarantees that you’re going to get clean, effortless, and consistent heating out of this unit from the moment that you first install it. Patented polymer headers that are coupled with a smartly designed bypass valve dramatically increase overall hydraulic efficiency as well.

Combine that with the 400,000 BTUs this unit can put out and you’re looking at something really special here.


Lightning Fast – It’s hard to imagine there being a faster gas powered pool heater on the market down this

Hi Max Temperatures – You can achieve almost any temperature you’d like and hold it with this swimming pool heater

Accurate Display Module – You’ll always know what’s going on “under the hood” of your Hayward heater thanks to this display system


This swimming pool heater can be a little loud, especially at peak operation times


The price point for this swimming pool heater is very competitive, especially when stacked up against other 400,000 BTU options for larger swimming pools.


“This swimming pool heater got my pool up to almost hot tub temperatures in record time”

“I can’t believe how well this pool heater holds my temperatures all year round”

“Installation was effortless!”


Those looking for an easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain large format swimming pool heater for their aboveground pool will love everything this Hayward model has to offer.

Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Swimming Pool


This solar heating mat is a best seller in the above ground swimming pool heating world and for good reason – it is very environmentally friendly, effortless to take advantage of, and can raise the temperatures of your pool water by up to 10°F in almost 48 hours.

If you’re looking for a real “set it and forget it” kind of solution that isn’t going to break your bank account this is definitely where you’ll want to focus your attention.


The advanced solar power heating technology in this unit captures the sun’s rays and focuses them onto your swimming pool, raising the temperatures of the water underneath this swimming pool heating mat while at the same time locking in those temperatures with an extra layer of insulation.

Best of all, because it is solar powered you won’t have to spend a penny on energy running this unit all year round.


Safe to Use – There’s no electricity (aside from the solar components), no natural gas, and no other potentially dangerous fuel or energy sources you have to worry about with this solution

Installation is Effortless – Literally all you have to do is stretch this solar cover around your pool and you are good to go

Very Affordable – Compared to some of the much more expensive pool heating options out there today this is a drop in the bucket from a purely pricing standpoint.


The format of this solar heater isn’t ideal for larger sized swimming pools


It’s absolutely impossible to beat the bare-bones price tag of this solar powered heating mat if you’re willing to go in this direction.


“I was sure that this solar heating mat was too good to be true but was pleasantly surprised to find my pool temps raised by almost 10°F over a three day stretch of time”

“Works well even in cloudy weather”

“Paired it with a traditional heat pump to get the best of both worlds, now spend a lot less on energy and get more consistent temperatures”


Harnessing the energy of the sun to heat your swimming pool is a very savvy move, particularly if you don’t want to spend any more on maintaining your swimming pool than you are right now. This is a top-tier piece of technology and certainly one of the best aboveground pool heating options money can buy.

Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium


Another great pool heater from the folks at Hayward, this particular option includes an acoustic compressor cover that helps to insulate your backyard from the loud noises other pool heating systems inevitably bring to the table.


The titanium heat exchanger in this model provides for may be the most efficient transfer of energy to your swimming pool water, guaranteeing that temperatures are raised in record time. It isn’t at all uncommon for folks with this heating unit to be able to bring the temperatures of their swimming pool up by 10°F inside of 2 to 4 hours (not two to four days).

On top of that, the efficiency helps to cut down on overall operating costs as well. This unit works wonders for larger pools as well as medium-sized pools, though it may be a little overkill for smaller aboveground set ups.


Safe to Use – The safety features on this unit our top shelf, helping to protect you and your loved ones with instant shut off and accident detection technology

Incredible Build Quality – Hayward states that this product will last for at least 10 years (and sometimes even longer than that)

Amazing Price – Compared to other titanium heat exchangers this unit doesn’t just offer better results and better performance but it also has a better price.


The only real knock against this Hayward titanium pool heater is that it is a little bit on the heavier side of things, but it’s not like you are going to be walking around with it strapped to your back.


Stacked up against the competition the price point for this Hayward titanium pool heater is very affordable.


“The titanium construction materials aren’t just marketing mumbo-jumbo. My pool was 10° hotter inside of just five hours!”

“This unit has way better performance than my old system and uses less energy to deliver those results”

“I like to know that I’m going to be able to rely on this pool heater for the next decade or more”


If you want to leverage the latest and greatest cutting-edge pool heating technology paired with the best construction materials available for even and efficient heating of your swimming pool water, this amazing aboveground option is ideal for you.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, all three of the top options we highlighted above are perfect pool heating solutions for those with above ground pools that they want a little warmer.

Finding the right one for your specific needs really comes down to the kind of aboveground pool you already have, how hot and how quickly you want your swimming pool water to achieve those temperatures, and the budget that you have to play around with.

The odds are pretty good that you’ll find the perfect aboveground pool heater for your needs in the list included above!

Pentair MasterTemp 400 Review 2019- Pro’s & Con’s

pentair mastertemp

Introduction to Pentair MasterTemp 400

Pentair MasterTemp 400 is a pool heater. It is a bestseller among pool heaters and is among the highest rated products in the category on Amazon. Pentair is one of the better known brands, not just for pool heaters but also pumps. It has quite a few leading technologies in its pumps and heaters that are not found in similar products of other manufacturers.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 Overview

Pentair MasterTemp 400 runs on natural gas. The heavy duty heater works fast and many experts have rated it as one of the top three pool heaters available today. Since Pentair makes several products for pools, including pumps, filters, cleaners, automation systems, lights and heaters, many people find it easy to sync compatible equipments for easier operations. There are thousands of pool owners who have multiple Pentair products for their pools.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 Features

There are three variants of Pentair MasterTemp 400. The standard model is 460736. It has copper heat exchanger. The midrange model is 460805. It has copper and nickel exchanger. This is capable of heavy duty operations so do not presume the midrange model as incapable of extreme performance. The third variant is 460775. It meets or exceeds the standards set by ASME. It is a durable and much more resistant model due to the metal headers. The midrange heavy duty variant works well for most pool owners. It can endure weather extremes and challenging applications. It has no issues with slightly acidic water or barely alkaline water. It can also sustain heavy flows over prolonged periods of time.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 is easy to use, mostly due to the control panel. The convenient layout simplifies the operation. The manufacturer claims that the heater needs very little to no maintenance. The digital display on the control panel can rotate so accessing it is effortless. The pool heater does not make any noticeable noise. There are five lights indicating the specific status of the system. The display shows water temperature in real time. There is a service light indicating when the heater needs a bit of boost. Beyond Pentair, the MasterTemp 400 can work with other applications made by different manufacturers but do check and verify before buying.

The construction of the Pentair MasterTemp 400 is of copper and nickel alloy, also known as cupronickel. The sturdy construction makes it more durable than standard copper. Nickel resists or protects the heater from corrosion. Copper retains ductility. Cupronickel is widely used in marine equipments and appliances as the alloy can endure saltwater. The heater is not very heavy and can work for saltwater pools. Other features include the switch, a spa mode and temperature control.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 can heat a standard sized pool with usual depth much faster than other heaters in this class. This efficiency is attained despite consuming more energy. The product is eco friendly and meets the most stringent emission standards. Pentair has really focused on the finer elements as the handles are resistant to rust and can bear weather extremes. They do not get hot after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The digital controls are easy. The safety features are also worthwhile. There is a water pressure switch that prevents overheating. There is a safety shut off feature to stop the heater when temperatures breach the maximum factory setting. There is a shut off valve for manual use. The heater has stack flue sensor to prevent overheating. The system can be installed on combustible surface.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 Review

It is one of the sleeker designs in its class. The heater is also among the most durable in the price range. Solid construction, easy access to important controls and the reliability as well as efficiency with which the heater gets the job done are appreciable. There are three variants so pool owners can choose the most relevant model. It is not necessary to go for the most advanced variant if there is no threat of saltwater or other heavy duty operations. Standard pools can make do with the standard or the midrange variant.

There are a few tricky realities about Pentair MasterTemp 400 but only for those who are not fully familiar with such systems or the pool they own. Not every pool owner is accustomed with the composition or nature of the water, the kind of heater that will be compatible with the setup, the total volume of water that needs to be heated and the desired turnaround time. These are some reasons why pool owners should consult an expert. Those who are not experienced at installing such heaters should also get a technician to do the job. Improper installation, choosing a model that is not suitable for the pool or other discrepancies may pave the way for persistent issues.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 does not need much maintenance but only when the water chemistry is suitable for its optimum functioning. Choosing the heavy duty model is a wiser decision if anyone is unsure of water chemistry and whether or not the materials the heater is made of will be subjected to challenges they are not supposed to endure.

Pentair provides everything in the carton. The essential documents such as installation guide and manual are there, so is the installation checklist and brochure. There is a diagram with accurate dimensions. The kit contains bypass access plug and other necessary components. Pool owners who get the water tested and choose a variant of MasterTemp 400 can ensure the heater lasts longer than a decade.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 Pros and Cons

There are several strengths of the heater. Our Pentair MasterTemp 400 review has found the heater to be very effective and efficient. Switching on the heater in the morning, not as early as dawn but two to three hours before diving into the pool, will weave enough magic to have a comfortable time in the water. The heater does not consume as much energy as some other models in its class. The installation is simple. During our Pentair MasterTemp 400, we found out there is absolutely no ambiguity as the manufacturer provides all relevant information to get started with the heater. The materials are definitely among its strengths. Durability, reliability and sustainable operation are other strengths. The price may be an issue for a few pool owners. It is a premium heater and has a price tag it deserves.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 Price

Pentair MasterTemp 400 (460736) is selling at around $2300. There is free shipping.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 Customer Reviews

Customers are largely content with Pentair MasterTemp 400. With the exception of some packaging related issues with some sellers, most customers have had no problems with the heater, either while purchasing or later when receiving the package and installing it. Many customers have chosen to hire a technician for the installation. This is indeed recommendable if a pool owner has not installed a heater before or is not very handy with the demands of the process as detailed in the checklist and installation guide.

Water chemistry is not an issue for most pool owners. A majority of pools has freshwater and standard chlorinator is also used across the country. Those who have saltwater pools must not choose the standard model. Those who know their pool water is slightly or substantially acidic should also choose the heavy duty variant or the topmost model.


During our Pentair MasterTemp 400 review, the heater raised the water temperature by three degrees in an hour. We tested it in a pool with fifteen thousand gallons of water. This is a remarkable efficiency.