The 3 Best Hayward Chlorinators You Should Consider Buying

best hayward chlorinator

How to pick the Best Hayward Chlorinator for your pool

Finding the perfect chlorinator for your pool can be a little bit of a challenge, if only because there are so many top-tier options available on the market today.

The technology for “drop in” self chlorinated systems has grown by leaps and bounds in just the last few years. The tech is light years ahead of where it was even just a decade or two ago, making the lives of swimming pool owners a whole lot easier when it comes to maintenance.

Of all the different brands on the market today, however, few – if any – do a better job at making top-tier chlorinator systems than the folks at Hayward.

We highlight our favorite options below!

1. Hayward T-CELL-3 TurbiCell Bundle


Designed to service swimming pools with capacities as large as 15,000 gallons, this particular model is a little bit more expensive than some of the other options on the market today but that’s because it uses a combination of salt and chlorine to produce a much cleaner and much gentler experience overall.

Best of all, you’ll be able to completely eliminate that harsh chemical smell of chlorine from your swimming pool entirely – as well as the irritation to eyes and skin when too much chlorine has been added to a pool.


This particular model is a self-servicing chlorination system that can be added to any swimming pool, even if it isn’t using saltwater treatment systems all on its own.

The salt in this system dissolves almost automatically to keep the pool fresh and clean, and the chlorination release is timed to make sure that no bacteria build up in your swimming pool, either

The entire unit is “set it and forget it”. All you have to do is remember to pull it out of the pool once a week, refresh the cartridge, and then drop it back in.


The fact that the salt chlorine in this particular module has been specifically engineered to dissolve almost immediately upon contact with your swimming pool water, and to evenly distribute throughout your pool even if your circulation system is a little underpowered, is a huge benefit you cannot overlook.

Your pool is going to be refreshed almost immediately, will constantly have just the right amount of salt and chlorine added at the right time to keep your pool healthy and consistent, and you won’t have to worry about irritation from straight chlorine any longer.


As highlighted above, this unit is a little on the more expensive side of things.


Not only is the actual Hayward unit itself a little on the more expensive side, but the actual salt-chlorine chemicals you’ll need to add to this drop and float cartridge system can also get a little bit pricey. Even still, most find it to be well worth the overall cost – this is believed to be the best selling chlorination system on the market today.


“This is a top-tier chlorine system, the only one I’ll ever use”

“My pool was fresh almost from the moment I dropped this Hayward self floating system in”

“I haven’t had to shock my pool all season long – something I couldn’t have said until I got my hands on this Hayward unit”


There’s a reason why it’s believed that this product has sold more than a million units worldwide, and why most in the industry considered to be the best selling chlorination system on the market today. It’s a fantastic choice from Hayward and one you won’t regret.

2. Hayward Goldline AQ-TROL-RJ AquaTrol Above-Ground Swimming Pool Salt Chlorination System

If you have a slightly larger aboveground swimming pool (with a capacity that goes up to 18,000 gallons) it’s probably a good idea to look into everything this Hayward option has to offer.

A little more feature-rich, little more “hands-free”, and about as easy to install as it gets you’ll really appreciate all that this Hayward salt chlorination system has to offer.


Installation takes about 30 minutes and you are ready to rock and roll

A built-in timer controls the dispersal of the salt chlorine in conjunction with your pool filtration pump

You don’t have to mix or mess around with tablets or liquid chlorine any longer


As highlighted above, this is a bit more feature-rich of a Hayward unit and one you’ll find easy to use right out of the box because of it.

A built-in timer mechanism connects to your pool filtration pump system to keep the Hayward salt chlorination unit working in perfect concert with your filtration pump, making sure that your pool gets just the right amount of salt chemicals on an as-needed basis – and never any extra that might cause irritation.

The 30 minute installation cannot be topped. You can set up this unit all on your own with nothing more than simple household tools, too.


Some have mentioned this system corroding a little faster than other options out there


Pretty affordable (at least as far as Hayward salt chlorination units are concerned), you won’t have to worry about breaking your bank account with this unit but you definitely get a top-tier option for your hard-earned money.


“The seven diagnostic indicators make understanding my pool effortless at a glance”

“The fact that I never have to worry about mixing or measuring chlorine ever again is a huge bonus”

“Installation took me no time at all and I’ve never tackled this kind of project before. Ask my wife, she’ll tell you I’m anything but handy”


Fantastic for larger above ground swimming pools, this Hayward unit works to time release just the right amount of salt chlorine into your pool for a gentle and consistent clean that you won’t get with chlorine alone.

3. Hayward AQR3 AquaRite Salt Chlorination Bundle


This Hayward unit has been designed to integrate directly into your pool filtration unit, working to create as hands-free a maintenance schedule as possible for swimming pool owners.

You’ll find the performance on this unit to be above and beyond pretty much anything else on the market today, including many of the Hayward products available. Everything is self-adjusting and self-regulating, making the chlorination of your pool a straightforward proposition and taking all the guesswork out of it completely.


Consistent sanitation of your pool is made possible thanks to the direct piping into your filtration system

It doesn’t get any better than the Hayward reputation for performance and durability

The entire unit does all of the heavy liftings for you thanks to its automatic “set it and forget it” user interface


With this Hayward system integrated into your filtration unit you’re going to be able to completely eliminate the chemical chlorine smell from your pool once and for all, but also eliminate the irritation that can cause to eyes, ears, and skin in general.

Because it integrates into the filtration system it handles all of the dispersals for you, actively monitoring pool chemical levels on an around-the-clock basis and dispersing just the right amount of salt chlorine as necessary to keep your pool in tip-top condition.


An additional power supply is going to be necessary to take advantage of this Hayward unit, and it’s important you find one that is powerful enough but also energy-efficient for around-the-clock operation.


Hayward products aren’t the least expensive options on the market today but most agree they are well worth their price tag. This is incredibly advanced technology at a bargain when you stack it up against the competition.


“I hardly have to clean or maintain my pool myself any longer now that I have snaked this unit into my filtration system”

“Keeping my pool clean without that harsh chlorine smell or feel on my skin has become effortless with this salt chlorine system from Hayward”

“Installation was a little bit involved compared to some of the other self chlorinator systems I’ve had before, but all in all this is a fantastic product”


If you want a system that isn’t going to require you to actively monitor your chlorination ever again, but instead one that is going to work with your filtration system to move chlorine throughout your swimming pool automatically, this is right up your alley.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of fantastic self chlorination systems on the market today, but none of them are quite as good or quite as durable as the ones from Hayward.

All three of the Hayward options we have broken down above are worthy contenders that you’ll want to look into. Choose the right one for your budget, your needs, and the features that are most important for you!