Polaris 360 Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this Pool Vacuum

polaris 360

Introduction to the Polaris 360

Polaris 360 is a pool cleaner from Zodiac. The pressure side pool cleaner is made by Polaris Company, a subsidiary of Zodiac, and is officially called Vac-Sweep 360. The cleaner can use vacuuming and sweeping to clean a pool, hence the name Vac-Sweep. It is an autonomous cleaner. Once set to task the robot can do its job without any human intervention. It does not need any booster pump. You could hook it up with a compatible booster pump but there is none in the box when you buy the Polaris 360. It is a bestselling pool cleaner right now and has among the highest ratings on Amazon and other online stores. Polaris 360 is preceded by the 280 model and succeeded by the 380 variant.

Polaris 360 Features

Polaris 360 is an automatic cleaner for in-ground or underground pools. The box comes with the cleaner, a filter bag, the main hose and a manual. The robot uses triple jets and is capable of sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming to clean the floor and walls of an in-ground pool. The length of the hose is thirty one feet and the chamber filter is effective enough in trapping most types of debris. The vacuum inlet is just over two inches, which is pretty much the standard.

The three wheel design of the 360 is also seen in the preceding and succeeding models. The 360 is definitely more power than the preceding 280 but has fewer features than the 380. The cleaner is easy to use. The instructions are clearly stated in the manual. All components are there in the pack for you to get started immediately. The pressure cleaning is effective. The maximized circulation ensures sufficient coverage. The filter traps pebbles, leaves and acorns. The sizeable bag ensures the cleaner can keep functioning without any compulsion to empty it midway during a cleaning session.

Polaris 360 sports a patented design. It can be deployed in pools regardless of size and layout. The robot can not only vacuum and sweep floors but also scrub walls of a pool. All a user needs to do is set it up with a pressure line, preferably dedicated, and the cleaner will go about its job without any assistance. Polaris 360 does not just get rid of debris and clean the pool but also eliminates contaminants. Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. has ensures the Polaris 360 is supported by advanced engineering and durable construction for the cleaner to be reliable for years.

Polaris 360 Review

We have found four key strengths of the cleaner while conducting our Polaris 360 review. The first major strength is the multipronged approach to cleaning. The sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing and cleaning action is effective. This is not the only pool cleaner available in the market today that can do these but the efficiency and efficacy with which it delivers these is remarkable. For instance, many cleaners are effective at cleaning or rather scrubbing the floor or bottom of an in-ground pool. Not many of these cleaners can do the same with as much efficiency and efficacy when it comes to the walls. Our Polaris 360 review clearly inferred that it is a much superior cleaner if you need a thorough cleanse, not just the bottom or floor of the pool but also all the walls.

The second major strength of this cleaner is the coverage. The robot is autonomous, as one expects such a cleaner to be. But many such cleaners are advertised as autonomous and they really are not. Users have to intervene, either to empty the filter bag or to help it overcome a hurdle. Automatic cleaners have the habit of getting stuck in tricky places, especially around the stairs or when there are other fixtures at the walls or on the floor of a pool. Navigating such accesses or the lack thereof is crucial if a cleaner has to be truly automatic. Our Polaris 360 review has shown that the cleaner is capable of handling such challenges. It truly covers the entirety of the pool. Barring the shallow stair or step in a rare instance, the cleaner can cover the entire pool.

Polaris 360 is a smart climber. It somehow makes the whole process look convenient. Treading down to the deep end and climbing up or down to clean the walls is not a problem for this robot. The fourth strength is the backup valve. This is basically what enables the robot to maneuver those tricky situations. Whenever it finds itself in a tight corner, the backup valve lets it find a way out. A few other features are also praiseworthy. The size of the filter bag, the length of the hose, the three wheel design and the reliability of the cleaner without much upkeep demand are appreciable attributes.

Polaris 360 Pros and Cons

Polaris 360 is as effective as a pool cleaner that comes with a much higher price tag. This model is by no means one of the cheapest pool cleaners but if you compare the performance and durability then a robot from another brand priced twice as much offers similar result. The 360 is convenient to use. It does not consume a lot of electricity. Zodiac has not compromised on the quality of construction or the range of functions. This cleaner can easily last ten years if timely maintained and serviced. It should be stored properly as well, especially during the offseason when the pool is not in use.

There is no major shortcoming of the cleaner. The only issue you may have is with the shallow stairs. Since the first and in some cases the second step at one end of the pool is not that easily accessible for such an automatic cleaner, you may have to attend to this small portion manually. If you have a ladder, then this is not a concern at all. Those who have pools that are forty feet or longer will need an extra hose. Most pools in houses are smaller than forty feet so the hose in the package should suffice. The price may not be ideal for some pool owners but given the fact it is less than half than what some other companies ask for while presenting the same cleaning, the tag is definitely not unreasonable or a deal breaker.

Polaris 360 Price

Polaris 360 is now selling for $429.95.

Polaris 360 Customer Reviews

Most customers are content with the cleaner. Many users have commented on the compatibility of the cleaner to be just as effective for gunite as it is for concrete and tiles. Some users have said that the cleaner moves faster than other models and can also churn up the water much more effectively. We have observed the same while conducting our Polaris 360 review. Content customers have described the 360 as a necessity for an in-ground pool.


Polaris 360 is available for sale online right now. There are discounts from different sellers. Since there is more than one seller and fulfillment is not always the responsibility of the eCommerce site or that of Polaris Company and Zodiac, customers should choose the right vendor. Find a credible seller and you will have no issues. Some customers have experienced problems with a few sellers. This is crucial as ensuring everything is there in the box and the warranty is enforced are two quintessential aspects. Many users also need some initial support to get familiar with the model. Those considering the preceding model should instead go for 360 as the 280 costs just as much.