Hayward Navigator Review 2019: Pro’s & Con’s

hayward navigator

A short introduction to the Hayward Navigator

Hayward Navigator is an automatic pool cleaner. It is a suction side in-ground pool cleaner. There are two variants available right now. 925ADC Pro Suction Pool Vacuum is for gunite surface. 925ADV is for vinyl surface. The variants have different prices. Hayward Navigator is a bestseller. It is one of the best rated automatic pool cleaners right now.

Hayward Navigator Features

Hayward brings more than thirty years of suction cleaner technology that has been advanced to provide unprecedented pool coverage. Hayward uses SmartDrive steering for this purpose. The automatic pool cleaner is quicker and more efficient in picking up debris that the preceding models from Hayward. The suction path is enhanced and designed to suit pools of all sizes. Setting up or connecting the cleaner takes less than ten minutes. You do not need any tools for it.

Navigator Pro operates quietly. The programmed steering powered by SmartDrive ensures predetermined turns to clean the floors, coves and walls of in-ground pools. The installed filtration system works in tandem with the cleaner. The automatic cleaner does not require a booster pump. This saves money on the pump and the recurring expenses of consuming sufficient energy. Booster pumps are energy guzzlers.

Hayward uses a turbine drive system. This is primarily the reason why the cleaner works smoothly and quietly. The programmed steering can guide the hose and help the cleaner navigate. It is capable of smart maneuvers and the hose does not get tangled up. The vacuum wings have been enhanced and designed in a manner to be more effective and efficient at picking up debris. The suction power is also constant.

Both the models 925ADC and 925ADV are suitable for pools with maximum dimensions of twenty feet by forty feet. The hose length is forty feet. This is sufficiently longer than most other hoses accompanying automatic pool cleaners in this class, regardless of manufacturers. Both models can be used for pools larger than forty feet but additional hose is necessary. Hayward claims that the Navigator can clean a standard sized pool in three to four hours.

The SmartDrive feature is an exclusive technology of Hayward. It uses the water flow through the existing filtration system to a series of alternating left and right hand turns so the cleaning is systematic. The path taken by the Hayward Navigator is not random. The outcome is a faster and much better cleaning compared to other automatic pool cleaners in this class. The movements of the cleaner ensure no part is missed and that no area is treaded excessively when it has already been cleaned.

Hayward Navigator Review

At the outset, we should emphasize in our Hayward Navigator review that the automatic pool cleaner is sturdy. The build quality is superior to many other models in the price range. The cleaner is powerful and has several reliable features. It is not an expensive cleaner, which is a major reason why it has been a bestseller.

During our Hayward Navigator review, we found the cleaner rather easy to work with. The set up is indeed simple. As Hayward claims, the package can be unboxed and everything can be set up in ten minutes or less. The cleaner can be hooked up with the circulation system of the pool. It is a suction side cleaner so that’s a no-brainer. The alternating turns are quite effective and the cleaner actually functions quite fast due to the systematic movements. Pollen and other small debris are not a problem. The cleaner can navigate all parts of the pool floor and the walls. The hose does not get tangled. This may not seem to be a big deal for some users but it actually is. Given the fact that the hose is forty feet long, there is enormous scope for it to get all tangled up and the cleaner may stop dead in the midst of its alternating turns.

Hayward Navigator Pro measures 20” by 23” by 10”. It weighs just over six pounds. Not many cleaners can get to work on grit laden floors. The two models can easily deal with such grit. The choice of model is obvious as the pool surface is the only criterion. We did not intervene in its functioning during our Hayward Navigator review and it did a fine job. Most pool owners will not have to worry about intervening. The only exception could be when there is some serious or rigid debris that is beyond the ability of any automatic pool cleaner.

The SmartDrive programmable steering is an excellent feature. While this feature does make cleaning more effective, there is an additional impact on efficiency. The cleaner can complete the job faster and this means you have less wait time to dive into the pool and energy consumption is also reduced. Many automatic pool cleaners simply go around and visit the same parts of the pool more than once, twice and sometimes thrice. Navigator Pro has two years limited warranty. The models are specifically for gunite or vinyl but the cleaner can be used on other surfaces as well. The cleaning effect may not be identical.

Hayward Navigator Pros and Cons

Hayward Navigator works quietly, quickly and effectively. It can conveniently clean all forms of small debris, including pollen and grit. There aren’t too many parts so handling the cleaner is easy. Since there are fewer moving parts, there is less scope of malfunction and the need to repair some components. A booster pump is not needed, which is a major advantage. The pool pump has to be powerful enough since a booster is not being used. This is not really a shortcoming. Most pool owners anyway opt for a powerful pump these days. The cleaner is not among the cheapest but it is certainly worthwhile given the price.

Hayward Navigator Price

Hayward Navigator 925ADC which is for gunite pools has a listed price of $412.49 but it is now selling for $342.81. There is free shipping and return. The 925ADV model for vinyl pools is selling for $399.00.

Hayward Navigator Customer Reviews

A few customers find the price to be a tad high. This is not really a fair review. The Hayward Navigator is not inexpensive or very cheap but it is definitely not priced exorbitantly. There are suction side automatic pool cleaners priced twice as much. Given the fact there are not many moving parts and very little maintenance is needed, the cleaner is a wise investment and Hayward has some of its best technologies powering this robot. Most customers are impressed with the fast and efficient cleaning. Nearly all pool owners who have purchased the cleaner have appreciated the ease with which the model can be set up and put to good use.

Hayward Navigator is indeed a quiet operator. Its silent functioning has been appreciated by all users. Some pool owners have had issues with the cleaner working at the walls. The ability of the cleaner to climb up and down is not in question. But pools with quaint shapes can pose a bit of a challenge. Designer pools have more coves and some may have distinct shapes for the walls. Some users have said that these take longer to clean.


Hayward Navigator is a safe investment since it’s a trusted brand. Navigator Pro has state of the art features. The build quality ensures durability. The lack of many moving parts makes upkeep a breeze. Using the cleaner is a cakewalk. It gets the job done without making any hue and cry.