The 3 Best Hayward Pool Filters To purchase in 2019: Pro’s & Con’s

best hayward pool filter

A quick intro to the Best Hayward Pool Filter

Unless your swimming pool is a kiddie pool, you’re going to need a pool filter. There are a number of products and manufacturers on the market. If you really don’t know where to begin, we would suggest starting with a search for the best Hayward pool filter. In terms of the best pool filters on the market, you’ll find that many of them come from this manufacturer in particular. Hayward has been in business for more than eighty years. Their product range emphasizes versatility, efficiency, and ease-of-use. There is an excellent chance that your ideal pool filter can be found along the Hayward product line.

There are a ton of Hayward filters available. Furthermore, there are even different types of pool filters to consider. The whole process can be a little overwhelming for a first-time shopper.

To that end, we’ve broken down the entire Hayward line into the top 3 Hayward pool filters.

1. Hayward C1200 SwimClear Plus Cartridge Pool Filter

Do you have a mid-size or large swimming pool? If so, the Hayward C1200 is going to be a fantastic option to consider. The odds are good that this filter will handle what you need, as it comes with a long list of benefits and straightforward components:

Features: This filter consists of a single device with a molded foundation. Anyone can set this filter up in a matter of moments, as long as they pay attention to the instructions. There are also a number of impressive safety features, which are designed to ensure the lid never comes off. You don’t have to use bolts or clamps to keep the lid shut. The cartridge element is also worth noting, as it’s larger than similar products. It has been designed for not only strength but for consistent performance, as well.

Pros: The simplicity of this filter is far and away from its biggest benefit. Anyone can get this filter up and running in a matter of minutes. You won’t have to worry about the lid coming off, as we mentioned before. It works with pretty much any modern pool on the market, provided it is designed for a pool of your size. You also get a cartridge included with the filter. Finally, despite being a single-cartridge product, it is more than up to the task of handling your water and filtration needs.

Cons: Honestly, there really aren’t any downsides to this filter. As long as it matches up to the size of your swimming pool, you shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever.

Pricing: At $337.99, this is an extremely affordable filter.

Not surprisingly, this filter has picked up some great reviews:

  • “Setting this filter up couldn’t have been easier. It’s been working great!”
  • “As efficient as it is simple!”
  • “The best filter I’ve ever used!”

2. Hayward C3030 SwimClear Cartridge Pool Filter

Despite a higher price tag (more on that later), this is a phenomenal investment, as far as pool filters are concerned. There are a number of reasons as to why we consider this an excellent example of what you should look for in the best Hayward pool filter. This is another cartridge-style filter. It has been hailed for being as powerful as it is durable.

•           Features: The features and overall strength of this filter is enough for many of the commercial swimming pools that use it. The largest version of this filter can handle swimming pools in the range of 725 sq. feet. You will also want to note the low-profile design for the base of the tank. The Noryl bulkhead is designed to provide strength, as well as resistance to heat. The cartridge elements can be cleaned with ease, as well.

Pros: The sheer power of this filter is perhaps its best feature. We also like the fact that the filter includes four cartridges right out of the box. Also, in terms of installation, don’t let the size of this filter concern you. Even those with little-to-zero plumbing experience found installation to be a breeze. Cleaning and maintenance are a snap, as well.

Cons: The price can be a little intimidating. However, if you’re going to have a lot of people use your pool daily, the value of this filter is priceless.

Pricing: Prices start at $682.99.

Reviews of this filter have been extremely positive:

  • “The way we use our pool, this filter is absolutely essential. I’m glad I finally invested in a filter that can keep up with as often as my family and friends are using the pool!”
  • “I’ve tried a few filters. Never going back after this one.”
  • “The C2030 is honestly amazing. I had it up and running in just a few minutes.”

3.  Hayward S210T ProSeries Sand Filter

While cartridge-based filters are terrific, remember that they do not represent your sole option. Sand filters can potentially require a little more work, but it’s a worthy consideration for anyone who is eager to make the transition to something more powerful. While this is smaller than the other options we’ve covered on our list discussing the best Hayward pool filter, it does the job on most backyard pool options.

Features: As mentioned before, this filter favors a sand filter. If you have only ever used cartridges, the transition isn’t a big deal. Available in a variety of sizes, this filter is another example of Hayward’s dedication to providing some of the strongest pool filters currently available. The rust/corrosion-proof tank for the filter is worth noting. The same can be said for its flange/clamp design, which makes turning the filter easy.

Pros: As far as sand filters are concerned, this is quite possibly the best one commercially available. It is certainly the most popular, meaning it appeals to both beginners and experienced filter users alike. Everything you need for installation is included in the box. We would also say this is another Hayward pool filter that ranks high for ease of use. Not only in terms of installation, but in terms of cleaning and maintenance, as well.

Cons: Once again, there really aren’t any.

Pricing: Prices start at $199.99.

 As you can imagine, the S210T comes with some very positive reviews:

“This is far and away from the best sand filter I’ve ever used. We had to make sure we got the right one for our pool, but there were thankfully a lot of sizes to choose from.”“I was a little hesitant about making the switch from cartridges to sand filters. Hayward made it really easy to change systems with the S210T. It was easy to install, and it works flawlessly!”

“Great, simple pool filter. I’m really glad I chose it.”


Among these filters, it should be easy to find the best Hayward pool filter for your needs. As we touched on here and there throughout this list, it is vital to make sure you purchase the right filter for the size of your swimming pool. Yes, a smaller-than-needed filter can work to keep your pool clean, but it will only be but so efficient. When you get the right size filter, the results are going to be dazzling. Any one of these filters can give you the results you are looking for.

While there are other brands on the market, Hayward continues to represent the standard-bearer for anyone who has had one or more swimming pools for a significant amount of time. It is worth repeating that if you are new to choosing the best pool filter, Hayward is almost certainly your best bet for a starting point. Any one of the three filters above can be ideal.