The 3 Best Intex Pools To Buy in 2019

best intex pools

A quick intro to the best intex pools

 As a means to get you excited for your future pool purchase, we are going to let you in on what folks feel are the best Intex pools available. Why are we going with Intex?  Because Intex pools are touted as the best pools on the market for durability, stability, and safety. If  you start out with one of their pools, you’ll remain loyal to them throughout the lifetime of your pool ownership.

Everyone is different and has their own specific needs and desires when it comes to their families and having a pool. The three specific pools that have been chosen were selected based on the fact that they were overwhelmingly popular with the consumers who purchased them. For that reason, they’re being passed on as most likely to meet the needs of many more folks considering the purchase of a pool.  Let’s take a look through them.

** Intex Ultra Frame XTR 32x16x52 Rectangular Pool Set includes sand filter pump and saltwater system, ladder, ground cloth, pool cover, maintenance kit, and volleyball set.

This is by far the largest of Intex pools with a list of benefits that allow swim time to be more relaxing. The assembly of the pool is fairly simplistic but given the size, it requires multiple people to handle it. This pool is engineered in such a way that it has strength and durability.  It is lined by a frame consisting of solid steel supports that have been powder coated both on the outside as well as on the inside to prevent any possibility of rust. There is three-ply material covering the sidewalls which is puncture resistant so there are no chances for any slits or holes or any kind of leakage. There is a drain plug with the pool that will attach to a hose in order to direct the water where you want it to go. 


  • Frame.  The frame is a unique galvanized steel material that interlocks requiring no tools for assembly. It enhances the overall strength of the pool along with the durability, stability as well as quality.
  • Drain plug allows the water to go where you need it to with simple connection to a hose.
  • There’s better water circulation with the dual suction outlets in place.
  • Powder coating inside and outside for rust resistance.
  • The pool is ready to be filled in approximately 90 minutes. The capacity of the pool is 14,364 gallons of water.


  • Assembly is simplistic with an interlocking system. No tools required.
  • This pool is perfect for the larger yard setting.
  • Many people are able to swim in the pool at one time.


It’s not difficult to assemble but may take about three people to do it.


This pool priced on Amazon at $1499.99.


As one of the best Intex pools, the reviews were awesome for this one. One person had an Intex for years and went back after the old one saw it’s last day to get this one only to absolutely love it even more than the old one. Everyone was impressed with the easy set up and how simple it is to maintain. They love the large size and having the ability to do laps. Great pool and worth the price were some of the sentiments, and if you want a pool, this is the one to get was another resounding comment.

Intex Ultra Frame 24’x12’x52”

Rectangular Pool Set including sand filter pump and saltwater system, ladder, ground cloth, pool cover, maintenance kit, and volleyball set.

This pool set is a big-time best seller for Intex. It is boasted as top of the range and the ultimate swimming pool. Touted as the most popular out of all of the above-ground pools. The parts for this pool are made from the very best materials available on the market. It has an increase of durability, stability, longevity, as well as high quality. It is fairly easy to assemble without the need of a professional. Due to its large size, 10 adults should be able to swim comfortably together.


  • There is a drain system that can connect to a garden outlet included with the pool.
  • The pool has been engineered to be strong and durable using steel frames that have also been powder coated in order to resist rust.
  • Ready to fill with water within 60 minutes. Takes approximately 16 hours to fill.
  • This pool can hold up to 8,403 gallons in water capacity.
  • Water circulation is greatly improved with dual suction outlet fittings which will provide much better water hygiene as well as clarity.


  • Setting up time is fast and simplistic, takes less time than prep or filling
  • Durable, strong, stable
  • Off-season storage is quick and easy and good for longer life


It’s not necessarily a con but it is super important to make sure the ground that will be under the pool is extremely level before you put it up for optimal results.


The Amazon price for this pool was $1699.99.


As one of the best Intex pools, the consensus seemed to be how much of a great deal this pool is and how much value you get from it. Many commented how great the pool is and how much fun while several were emphatic that you cannot beat this price. There were some who loved the easy set up, a few ‘amazing’ comments, and overall the best experience.

Intex 10×30 Metal Frame Set Swimming Pool With Filter, Pump, and Maintenance Kit.

This Intex is a perfect pool as a family’s pool and it’s great for smaller children. It is built with a durable and solid steel frame which is easy for anyone to assemble. An easy to maintain filter pump is included and there are a DVD series with instructions to follow. This pool will fit in most standard backyards and can accommodate multiple people easily.


  • The frame of coated steal for durability and stability
  • Sidewalls of laminated PVC
  • The draining system connects to garden receptacles to direct the water where you need it to go
  • Set up within approximately 20 minutes with the help of DVDs
  • Puncture-resistant material


  • Inexpensive
  • Material is puncture resistant
  • Maintenance is simple
  • Set up is fast and easy
  • Seasonal storage is easy to prolong life


You really want to take the time and watch the DVDs so you don’t have any difficulty with setting up the pool. It says it’s easy…if you follow the materials included.  That’s important.


The price on Amazon for this pool was $154.89.


As one of the best Intex pools, the reviews were across the board 5 / 5* for this pool. Everyone absolutely loved it; the size, the ease of assembly, maintaining it, the value. They offered that it was plenty of room to teach, float, sit and enjoy.  Many said it was very sturdy and overall an excellent pool for the whole family.


Intex has some incredible pools. If  some of us weren’t apartment dwellers and could have a pool, this would be a tough call. All three of these really are the best Intex pools on the market, at least that’s what the consumers are telling us and that says a lot. 

We tried to give a couple of different price brackets and varying sizes to accommodate differing needs.  Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect pool to enjoy your beautiful summer days.