Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review : Pro’s & Con’s

intex ultra frame pool

Introduction to Intex Ultra Frame Pool

Looking for A Quality Pool Frame?

This Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review will provide you the info you need to know about this particular pool frame. We will start with a product overview of this particular frame.

For this particular overview we will examine the 16×48 Ultra Frame Pool Set. You can view this product here and even buy it also.

Unboxing the pool revealed that everything needed to have a fun pool setup was included; no need to buy extra parts. A removable ladder was included (great for safety when you are not home), a ground cloth to protect grass, a lovely blue-tile pool liner, and the exterior of the pool is a neutral but elegant gray that does not clash with the backyard.

The pool is 16 ft across, so it is nice for the backyard and will fit right in. A pool this size is fun and keeps everybody cool but also complies with city regulations about pool size as it is relatively smaller. Be sure you check with your municipality about pool rules before you build.

The frame is of good, tough steel. It is powder coated for the protection of whomever must put the pool together. They are lightweight, so everybody can lift them and carry the parts of the frame with relative ease.

The filtration system is that of a sand pump, which is good, as sand is one of the cheapest and most effective filter media ever. It is cheap and you can buy some sand at your local pool supply store or right on

We liked that it came with a GFCI, which will shut the pump off in the event the electrical system of the pool pump is exposed to water. It handles water at a flow rate of 1200 GPH.

All in all, this is a good family pool, at a competitive price, that will fit the backyard and keep everybody entertained, plus it is easy to keep it clean and maintained thanks to the great sand filter.


This pool has some pretty strong features that will make ownership easier and a joy.

Hydro aeration technology-this revolutionary trademark of the Intex brand clumps together fine particles of debris in the bottom of the pool and makes it easier to get rid of sediment through the filtration system. This increases negative ions at the surface and makes the air fresher around the pool.

The liner, inner wall and outside wall of the pool are a three-ply level of protection that makes ownership easy and stands to wear and tear.

  • The endcaps of the pool stand firmly in the ground, making for a sturdy and great pool.
  • Pool holds up to 5061 gallons of water, an amount that is easy to treat and affordable to buy pool supplies for.
  • Comes with an instructional DVD to show you just how to go about setting the pool. You can literally set this thing up in just 45 minutes!
  • Comes with Krystal Clear Sand Filter that can handle 1200 GPH.
  • PVC Sidewalls are tough and sturdy.
  • You can drain the pool using a garden hose away from the home or grass areas.


  • Includes everything you need to get set up beside the chemicals of the pool.
  • The construction of all materials is sturdy but lightweight and able to be lifted and worked on by everyone.
  • The pool can be constructed in 45 minutes.
  • The drain plug allows you to connect a hose and drain the water that way.


  • There were really no cons to speak of on this pool.


To keep your whole family cool and add value to your home is not expensive when you think about this particular pool. $1289 US is a lot of money, but you get mostly all you need to set up your pool and get it running.

The product ships for free, and you do not need to have an Amazon Prime membership in order to get it delivered to your home at no charge, a real pro for this Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review.

In other words, the price is fair for the size, quality and accessories for the pool.


Check out what these other customers had to say about their Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review.

“We really do love this pool. It’s awesome. We bought it about 3 years ago at an affordable price. We added our own salt water filter and I swear, it was great last summer. This pool did not get cloudy. It was so easy to install. We live in Maryland, so it gets cold here. It easily made it through the awful winter. We just disconnected the filters and properly stored them. We even forgot the winter cover, but we used other cover, and it was just completely fine.” -Stacy

“This pool has been up for a week and is starting to warm up. The pool assembly was easy, and it was hard to put that last connector in place. It was easy to get everything aligned, but I had had my yard leveled. The directions to install the filter and pump were great, and easy to follow. I have a saltwater chlorinator, and this works well. I am looking forward to the pool and so are my grandkids.”-Amazon Customer

“I was very happy with this product, so far so good. I set it up as the instructions told me to do, and so long as you have the site for your pool leveled properly you will not have any trouble setting up this great pool. I had one small problem when I made my purchase, as I felt the ladder that was included in the box was a bit too shaky and unstable for adults climbing in and out of the pool with ease. It wobbles around a lot, but other than that, it does work. “-Ronnie Crowder

“I really love this pool. I did have one small problem with the pump. Only one week after I bought this lovely pool the pump stopped working. I went ahead and asked for a return to be processed on just the pump, everything else was fine. The very same day, Intex employee responded to my query. The company sent me an e-mail and said that they do not make that particular pump any longer, but they will send you a refund. Also, they gave me back 30% of my pool purchase price. I felt that was an amazing customer service I had ever seen.” -Zimba7668

“Such a nice pool and the price is very reasonable. My whole family had a fun time with it, and we can’t wait for some more fun years with this Intex pool. I should mention that I did go ahead and opt for a different ladder. Because the one that came with it was not what I wanted. I felt that it did not support me and my family the way I would have liked when it comes to climbing up that high. I went ahead and purchased a sand filter; it works really great.” -Candy


We hope our Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review has been helpful. Pool ownership and the ability to stay cool during the hot times of the year should not be expensive or difficult. This pool takes away the worry and the hard parts, so you get all the fun but no headache.