The 3 Best Pentair Pool Heaters To Buy in 2019

best pentair pool heater

How to pick the Best Pentair Pool Heater

If folks recommend to you the 3 best Pentair pool heaters, what would hold you back from checking them out?  There comes a point when you go to use your pool and the water is just too cold…again. That seems to always be the case even if it’s warm outside. It’s especially embarrassing if you’re having a social gathering poolside and no-one can go in the water because it never warms up. What if you have therapeutic exercises that you’re required to do per doctor’s orders and they need to be done inside the pool but you can’t tolerate the cold water?  You basically had a pool put in that you can’t use.

The Pentair pool heaters are touted as the most energy-efficient and in turn most cost-effective pool heaters on the market. You will actually be gaining the value back out of your pool that you paid for it by using it and saving money with the high efficiency of using the Pentair brand. Interested?  Let’s check out those three models.

There were a lot of models for Pentair that were vying for these spots but these three kept popping up as the most liked among them.

Pentair 460736 Mastertemp High Performance Eco friendly Pool Heater – Natural Gas.

This heater is among the best made of any that is sold on the market today. It has set the bar as far as energy efficiency exceeding the required standards. It is certified for low NOx emissions making it environmentally friendly to operate. There is a digital display which rotates for easy use as well as digital controls. The unit offers electronic ignition along with safety features including a switch for the water pressure as well as one for the high limit and a sensor for the stock flue.  The water temperature is displayed on the control panel.  The system status as well as service requirements are alerted by way of five LED lights on the panel.  The heater is perfect to heat medium to larger sized pools in a very fast and efficient manner and has also been designed to do so in an ultra quiet process.


  • Natural gas of 400,000 BTU
  • Premixed gas/air process
  • The heat exchanger of cupronickel
  • Electronic ignition
  • Switches for both high limit as well as water pressure for safety
  • Energy-efficient, head of its class
  • NOx emissions exceeded standards
  • When service is required, manual gas will shut down


  • Good for salt/freshwater
  • Compact in size
  • Heats very quickly
  • User-friendly
  • Super quiet operation
  • Digital display which rotates


Install may be a bit difficult.  It’s important to follow the manufacturer instructions very carefully or allow the professional install to set up for you.


The price for the unit on Amazon was $2442.89.


As one of the 3 best Pentair pool heaters, consumers were overall very happy with the product with one indicating it was ‘top of the line’ heater.  They felt it was more efficient than any other used before and found it to be very dependable. It will be recommended to anyone looking to put in a pool said some and others found it to be awesome, an overall great heater.

Pentair 460737 Mastertemp High Performance Eco friendly Pool Heater – Propane Gas – 400,000 BTU.

This Mastertemp is above other pool heaters on the market inefficiency and cost savings.  It has the ability to heat a medium to a large pool in record time to reach and maintain a comfortable temp for your swim water, but it is environmentally friendly in that it boasts low NOx emissions which is unlike most propane gas heaters out there.  The heater is fairly compact and the cabinet is made with corrosion-proof and rust-resistant design. It can fit with ease on any type of the pad and is durable to withstand the extremes in weather conditions.  The unit is engineered so that operation is done with the least amount of noise making it one of the quietest pool heaters on the market. The controls are simplistic making for very user-friendly operation. There are safety precautions built into this machine including switches for a high limit as well as water pressure and a sensor for stack flue.


  • Low NOx certified
  • If service is needed, manual gas shuts down
  • Digital display rotates
  • 400,000 BTU worth of propane gas
  • Durable corrosion-proof, rust-resistant cabinet able to hold up under any weather conditions
  • Ignition is hot surface
  • Energy-efficient, top in class


  • Super quiet
  • Heats fast
  • Compact
  • Efficient
  • Easy to install


It is an easy unit to install but if you want to take advantage of the three-year warranty, you need to let the professional set it up for you.


This heater prices on Amazon at $2356.39.


As one of the 3 best Pentair pool heaters, this heater received positive feedback. There were folks who were very happy they switched out their old heaters for this one  feeling that it added such a massive improvement. Others felt it was easy to install, works great, very efficient, and overall a fantastic heater.

Pentair Ultratemp 140 Pool Heat Pump 460934.

This heater is boasted as the most user friendly of any heat pump designed by any manufacturer. It offers an LED digital display which is very simplistic and there are auto-set controls that will automatically flip on and shut off after the temp that is needed has been reached. Self diagnostic software is always monitoring the system to maintain the optimum level of performance.


  • User-friendly LED control panel with messages in full text, no coding
  • Water temp is monitored by the auto set feature which goes on/off to maintain temp
  • Exceeds existing standards for high efficiency
  • Engineered to provide super-quiet operation and updated in order to provide the lowest noise performance.
  • The unit is constantly monitored by self-diagnostic controls for effective performance.


  • Top of the line energy efficiency
  • Cost-effective
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • User-friendly
  • Cabinet made of durable corrosion-proof, rust resistant materials.


  • This pool heater would most likely need a professional to install.


Pricing on Amazon for this Pentair is $3764.79.


As one of the 3 best Pentair pool heaters the reviews were positive as folks felt that the pricing for this unit was well within limits for what they received and the benefits that the heater has given them. They felt that the heater overall works great.


If you want to get full value out of the pool that you had put in your yard, a pool heater is going to be essential.  Warming up that water takes a long time with just the sun’s rays. Even on hot days you can be left with a lukewarm pool.  You can save yourself from that by getting one of Pentair’s heaters.

The 3 best Pentair pool heaters selected here are just a few of many that Pentair offers.  These just happen to be three that many people pointed out a preference for and you may find beneficial for use with your pool. Many consumers have reported that there is no better than Pentair and they’ve been using them for years, replacing the old with new. That says a lot about a company and their products.

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review : Pro’s & Con’s

intex ultra frame pool

Introduction to Intex Ultra Frame Pool

Looking for A Quality Pool Frame?

This Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review will provide you the info you need to know about this particular pool frame. We will start with a product overview of this particular frame.

For this particular overview we will examine the 16×48 Ultra Frame Pool Set. You can view this product here and even buy it also.

Unboxing the pool revealed that everything needed to have a fun pool setup was included; no need to buy extra parts. A removable ladder was included (great for safety when you are not home), a ground cloth to protect grass, a lovely blue-tile pool liner, and the exterior of the pool is a neutral but elegant gray that does not clash with the backyard.

The pool is 16 ft across, so it is nice for the backyard and will fit right in. A pool this size is fun and keeps everybody cool but also complies with city regulations about pool size as it is relatively smaller. Be sure you check with your municipality about pool rules before you build.

The frame is of good, tough steel. It is powder coated for the protection of whomever must put the pool together. They are lightweight, so everybody can lift them and carry the parts of the frame with relative ease.

The filtration system is that of a sand pump, which is good, as sand is one of the cheapest and most effective filter media ever. It is cheap and you can buy some sand at your local pool supply store or right on

We liked that it came with a GFCI, which will shut the pump off in the event the electrical system of the pool pump is exposed to water. It handles water at a flow rate of 1200 GPH.

All in all, this is a good family pool, at a competitive price, that will fit the backyard and keep everybody entertained, plus it is easy to keep it clean and maintained thanks to the great sand filter.


This pool has some pretty strong features that will make ownership easier and a joy.

Hydro aeration technology-this revolutionary trademark of the Intex brand clumps together fine particles of debris in the bottom of the pool and makes it easier to get rid of sediment through the filtration system. This increases negative ions at the surface and makes the air fresher around the pool.

The liner, inner wall and outside wall of the pool are a three-ply level of protection that makes ownership easy and stands to wear and tear.

  • The endcaps of the pool stand firmly in the ground, making for a sturdy and great pool.
  • Pool holds up to 5061 gallons of water, an amount that is easy to treat and affordable to buy pool supplies for.
  • Comes with an instructional DVD to show you just how to go about setting the pool. You can literally set this thing up in just 45 minutes!
  • Comes with Krystal Clear Sand Filter that can handle 1200 GPH.
  • PVC Sidewalls are tough and sturdy.
  • You can drain the pool using a garden hose away from the home or grass areas.


  • Includes everything you need to get set up beside the chemicals of the pool.
  • The construction of all materials is sturdy but lightweight and able to be lifted and worked on by everyone.
  • The pool can be constructed in 45 minutes.
  • The drain plug allows you to connect a hose and drain the water that way.


  • There were really no cons to speak of on this pool.


To keep your whole family cool and add value to your home is not expensive when you think about this particular pool. $1289 US is a lot of money, but you get mostly all you need to set up your pool and get it running.

The product ships for free, and you do not need to have an Amazon Prime membership in order to get it delivered to your home at no charge, a real pro for this Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review.

In other words, the price is fair for the size, quality and accessories for the pool.


Check out what these other customers had to say about their Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review.

“We really do love this pool. It’s awesome. We bought it about 3 years ago at an affordable price. We added our own salt water filter and I swear, it was great last summer. This pool did not get cloudy. It was so easy to install. We live in Maryland, so it gets cold here. It easily made it through the awful winter. We just disconnected the filters and properly stored them. We even forgot the winter cover, but we used other cover, and it was just completely fine.” -Stacy

“This pool has been up for a week and is starting to warm up. The pool assembly was easy, and it was hard to put that last connector in place. It was easy to get everything aligned, but I had had my yard leveled. The directions to install the filter and pump were great, and easy to follow. I have a saltwater chlorinator, and this works well. I am looking forward to the pool and so are my grandkids.”-Amazon Customer

“I was very happy with this product, so far so good. I set it up as the instructions told me to do, and so long as you have the site for your pool leveled properly you will not have any trouble setting up this great pool. I had one small problem when I made my purchase, as I felt the ladder that was included in the box was a bit too shaky and unstable for adults climbing in and out of the pool with ease. It wobbles around a lot, but other than that, it does work. “-Ronnie Crowder

“I really love this pool. I did have one small problem with the pump. Only one week after I bought this lovely pool the pump stopped working. I went ahead and asked for a return to be processed on just the pump, everything else was fine. The very same day, Intex employee responded to my query. The company sent me an e-mail and said that they do not make that particular pump any longer, but they will send you a refund. Also, they gave me back 30% of my pool purchase price. I felt that was an amazing customer service I had ever seen.” -Zimba7668

“Such a nice pool and the price is very reasonable. My whole family had a fun time with it, and we can’t wait for some more fun years with this Intex pool. I should mention that I did go ahead and opt for a different ladder. Because the one that came with it was not what I wanted. I felt that it did not support me and my family the way I would have liked when it comes to climbing up that high. I went ahead and purchased a sand filter; it works really great.” -Candy


We hope our Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review has been helpful. Pool ownership and the ability to stay cool during the hot times of the year should not be expensive or difficult. This pool takes away the worry and the hard parts, so you get all the fun but no headache.

Pentair IntelliFlo Review 2019: Pro’s & Con’s of this Pool Pump

pentair intelliflo

Introduction to Pentair IntelliFlo

This Pentair IntelliFlo review will explain why you’re overdue to be looking for your pool pump. Pool season is upon us and more and more folks are taking the opportunity to have pools installed with their homes.  Not only is it a great escape from the heat of summertime weather, but it’s the new go-to in full-body workout without causing any kind of added strain on your joints.

If you want your pool to give you the luxury that you’re looking for, you need to take good care of it, and that’s where the Pentair IntelliFlo review will help you understand exactly what equipment you can use to make sure your pool is in the best condition it can be in.

A Pentair IntelliFlo pool pump is essential in making sure that the water in your pool is of the quality to be healthy for you to swim in by making sure the chemicals remain balanced and the pool stays free of debris.  Its job is to circulate the water, filter it/push it out and bring it back clean and fresh.  There are several models of the Pentair IntelliFlo so you can be sure you’ll find one to suit the needs that you have for your home’s swimming pool.  Let’s look at a few of them.

On this Pentair IntelliFlo review, the 011018 was found to have been one of the most popular models for Pentair pool pumps.  That model, however, is no longer being produced and has in fact been replaced with model 011028.

Pentair IntelliFlo VS Pool Pump

The EPA and The Department of Energy set strict guidelines for energy efficiency and this pump has met that criteria by saving upwards of 90% compared to its more traditional pump competitors. Pentair offers 8 speeds that are programmable with this model along with a built-in timer allowing for the ultimate in speed and duration during operation. There is a great reduction in noise as well as vibration due to the design which includes a magnetic motor providing optimum efficiency and gaining much longer pump life as well as providing you with a profoundly quieter performance.


This Pentair IntelliFlo model offers upwards of 90% energy efficiency staying well above the guidelines as administered by both the EPA as well as The Department of Energy and staying far ahead of traditional pumps in this capacity.

This pump is exceedingly quieter than those of pumps comparable with other models. It boasts being as much as four times less noisy than those more traditional pumps at a decibel going as far down as 45.

The menu design is simplistic and very user-friendly.

The pump allows for programming up to eight speeds and also provides a built-in timing system. This gives you the capability to get the ultimate speed setting for your specific pool as well as the exact amount of running time necessary for your pool size in order to achieve the highest degree of efficiency as well as the greatest amount of savings.

 There are diagnostics built in to help troubleshoot any problems that come about in order to ensure the longest possible life of the pump.


This Pentair IntelliFlo 011028 is currently sold out of stock on Amazon and the price was not available until they get it back in.


The Pentair IntelliFlo review ratings for this model were exciting. This pump was greatly anticipated by one reviewer who waited five years to buy it. Another regretted nursing their old pump for so long before giving in and buying a new one they are so happy with their purchase.  The overall consensus is that this is an awesome pump that out performs. It is simply fantastic. 

Pentair IntelliFlo VS Plus SVRS Variable Speed In ground Pool Pump – 011057

The differences with this model include the fact that it is among the first to offer a Vacuum Release that is built in as a safety feature.  This particular design will allow the pump to automatically shut down if it detects a drain block which it will do within seconds. There is no SVRS type of calibrations necessary as you cannot turn off the built-in SVRS. With the rotating keypad, you will have easy access to view as well as program and it includes password protection allowing you the safety to keep others from changing the speed settings on the pump.


  • Password protection allows safety for speed settings.
  • Vacuum Release safety will shut down if any type of blockage is detected.


The price for this pump on Amazon was listed at $1246.89.


The Pentair IntelliFlo review ratings for this model were very positive. Each person felt that the pump operated especially quietly compared with other pumps. They felt that it was a great product and some simply stated that since receiving it, they had been using it consistently and it’s been ‘so far, so good’.


Most of your traditional-type pumps will only operate at set speeds that can’t be changed and these are almost always much higher than what they need to be making them a big waste of energy and not cost effective. Pentair IntelliFlo allows the user to custom program the pump speed as they choose for almost anything.  Big plus. Let’s look at some other pros and see if there might be some downsides as well.


The Pentair IntelliFlo pump is extremely quiet and the great thing with it is the higher the speeds, the quieter it becomes.

There are eight speeds that you are able to program into your pump which allows you to make the pump suitable and efficient for your exact pool needs.

The pump offers very user-friendly, simplistic LCD display for your pool pump settings which makes the operation so much easier for the person responsible for maintaining the pool.

The pumps have diagnostics built in to protect the product so if you ever have any difficulties at all you’ll be able to troubleshoot. This will make for a much longer lifespan for the pump overall. 

These pumps are upwards of 90% conservative of energy which well maintains the levels as outlined by the EPA as well as that by the Department of Energy.

Keypads can be protected by a password in order that no-one can go in and change the pump speed or another setting that you have programmed without your knowledge or permission.


This is not necessarily a con of the Pentair IntelliFlo pump but rather an observation. If you want your pump to function at optimum efficiency and at its peak performance, it’s imperative to read all of the manufacturer’s instructions/directions thoroughly and follow everything they tell you to the letter. Not doing as they instruct or skipping steps will lead to poor functioning or, even worse, a damaged product. This is a fantastic piece of equipment and you want to be sure to get the full value.


Now that you’re ready for your pool parties and barbecues in the backyard, your pool needs to be looking the best it has ever looked.  If you find that your pump is not doing quite right by your pool, it may be time to look into getting one of the Pentair IntelliFlo pumps. In the Pentair IntelliFlo review, there were many reasons given why this pump is above the standards of the more traditional pool pumps. This pump will give you the nicest pool of all of the social gatherings.  Everyone will want to come to your house all the time. Is that good … or bad?