The Hayward Aqua Rite Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s

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How good is the Hayward Aqua Rite

When a lot of people here about transforming their swimming pool into a saltwater swimming pool the conjure up images of sea creatures living in the deep end, but that’s not exactly what happens along the way.

No, you aren’t going to be turning your swimming pool into a saltwater aquarium but will instead be leveraging the power of salt and electrolysis to completely sanitize your pool water without having to use traditional chlorine at all – getting better results, safer results, and never again having to worry about the negative side effects of chlorine and the way it can irritate the human body.

With the power of the Hayward Aqua Rite you’ll be able to automatically even out the chlorine and pH balance levels throughout your swimming pool on an around-the-clock basis, without having to handle any of the heavy liftings yourself.

This amazing little gizmo plugs directly into your swimming pool circulator and water pump system, keeping water fresh and crystal-clear, and best of all it uses a self-perpetuating mechanism that practically guarantees you will only have to add salt to your swimming pool once or twice each season to keep it perfectly clean and clear!

Sound too good to be true?

Let’s dig a little deeper into everything that the Hayward Aqua Rite has to offer!


Everything that the Aqua Rite Hayward makes possible (from top to bottom) is built on the back of electrolytic technology that makes up the “heartbeat” of this chlorinator system.

Instead of having to add the perfect amount of chlorine to your swimming pool directly (with tablets or liquid chlorine, hoping that you have gotten the measurements correct and that your readings are accurate) this system instead uses sodium chloride – the salt you likely have on your kitchen counter or kitchen table right now – to provide the same cleaning results without any of the drawbacks of traditional chlorine.

As water is circulated through the Aqua Rite system (at a pretty steady pace, as any Hayward Aqua Rite review will tell you) it goes through the chlorine generator component and mixes with the salt inside of this system. The process of electrolysis begins and chlorine is generated as a byproduct, and once enough chlorine has been generated inside of the system is then circulated throughout the rest of your pool.

Over time, that chlorine breaks back down into its basic elements and becomes sodium chloride all over again the water filtration and circulation system you have in your pool moves things back through the main chamber where electrolysis begins all over again – and the process rinses and repeats over and over (and over and over) while keeping your pool crystal-clear around-the-clock.

Most of the Hayward Aqua Rite reviews you’ll find online talk about the special features you get with this chlorinator, including (but definitely not limited to):

  • The ruthenium coated titanium electrodes
  • The ability for this system to be mounted vertically or horizontally for optimum flow
  • The inexpensive upfront cost and overall sell replacement costs
  • A digital salinity reading/pH balance readout so that you know exactly what’s going on with your pool at a glance

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

You also get the added feature of the legendary Hayward reputation for durability and consistency. Like all other Hayward pool products, your money is well invested with the Aqua Rite, a top-tier solution that isn’t going to break your bank account into tiny little pieces.


Safe to Use – The biggest benefit of this particular set up is that it is about as safe a way to chlorinate your pool as you are going to find today. You don’t have to worry about buying, transporting, or storing potentially dangerous chemicals and you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching dosages perfectly for your pool anymore, either.

Effortless to Use – The fact that this Aqua Rite system is truly “set it and forget it” cannot go underappreciated. After installation, you’ll only have to casually monitor the salt level and the pH of your pool, refreshing the system with salt every now and again or changing out the cell itself. Other than that this is a hands-free pool maintenance solution.

Automatic Release – Because of the nature of the electrolysis going on inside of this unit, and because it works in conjunction with your swimming pool pump and the water already in your pool, everything is self-balancing and self-dispensing. You get around-the-clock protection without having to lift a finger.

Cost-Effective – Over the long haul, a salt chlorinator like the Hayward Aqua Rite is going to cost you far less than a traditional chlorine system ever would. After the initial investment and the installation of this unit you’ll only ever have to spend money on cells every couple of seasons and the salt you need to refresh the system.

Durable – It’s possible to use the same Hayward Aqua Rite unit for years and years without any degradation in performance whatsoever. Again, the individual electrolysis cells themselves will have to be replaced and refreshed every couple of seasons but other than that you’ll be amazed at how long-lasting this set up is.


The initial switch to a Aqua Rite setup may cause you to have excess chlorine tablets or liquid you have to get rid up safely. Other than that, though, it’s tough to imagine there being too much of a downside to this platform.


Every Hayward Aqua Rite review out there (for the AQR 3, AQR 9, and AQR 15 – rated for 15,000 gallons/25,000 gallons/40,000 gallons, respectively) mentions just how affordable this unit is not only as far as the upfront costs are concerned but also as far as the overall cost of ownership through the lifetime of this unit goes as well.

You won’t ever feel like you have to break your bank account into tiny little pieces when you add this system to your swimming pool.


“This has changed the way that I clean and maintain my pool completely. Instead of spending hours every week perfectly balancing pH and chlorine levels I let the Hayward Aqua Rite do everything for me – and it does a better job, anyway!”

“You’d never think that good old-fashioned table salt could keep your pool squeaky clean and crystal-clear all season long, but that’s exactly what this little miracle device is capable of”

“Installation was pretty simple and straightforward. After getting it set up it didn’t take very long at all for my pool to be perfectly leveled out as far as pH was concerned and I definitely don’t miss the chlorinated smell or the irritation that those chemicals caused!”


When you get right down to it, there aren’t a lot of other top-tier chlorinator systems using salt to get the job done that can rival the Hayward reputation for durability, consistency, and overall performance.

This is one of the premier chlorinator systems available on the market today, a system that uses modern technology to solve one of the biggest problems you’ll have with your swimming pool, and a unit that does so almost on autopilot.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself writing your own Hayward Aqua Rite review online after you get your system up and running. It’s that high quality of product and plenty of people have turned into almost walking testimonials for salt chlorinator systems after they’ve been able to experience just how transformative this kind of technology can be.

If you’re done with having to mix and match liquid or tablet chlorine into your pool every couple of days, done with having to walk the tightrope of pH balancing on a regular basis, and instead want a “set it and forget it” solutions the Hayward Aqua Rite is perfect for you!

The 3 Best Hayward Heat Pumps Reviewed

best hayward heat pump

The Best Hayward Heat Pumps for your swimming pool

If you are sick and tired of feeling like your swimming pool is never the perfect temperature except for in the hottest dog days of summer – and even then it only hits those temperatures for a couple of days every year – and want some real consistency out of the temps in your swimming pool, a Hayward heat pump may be right up your alley.

Known throughout the swimming pool hardware industry as one of the top-tier manufacturers of accessories, Hayward has a legendary reputation for durability, performance, and innovation.

We highlight our three favorite Hayward heat pump options below for your consideration!

1. Hayward HeatPro Titanium


At first blush, some may find the 50,000 BTU output of this Hayward pool heater to be a little bit on the low end of the scale, but nothing could be further from the truth.

This unit will only take about 48 hours to heat up a 15,000-gallon swimming pool to 85°F – and then it can hold and maintain that temperature for weeks on end without chewing up a lot of electricity along the way.


  • Titanium heating elements offers 84% energy efficiency rating
  • Easy to use LED control scheme is a breeze to operate in any lighting situation
  • The entire unit runs almost silently even when cranking at full blast


While this particular unit is likely going to cost a little bit more than those that take advantage of natural gas, this Hayward system uses electrical technology to provide its heat-producing capabilities. That means you aren’t going to have to worry about blowing a mountain of money every single month on energy bills when you want to keep your pool at the perfect temperature.

The ability to warm pools up by over 20°F in the span of just a couple of days is almost unbelievable. The fact that you’ll be able to hold and maintain those temperatures with no trouble at all is a big bonus, too.


This unit will cost a little more than most other 50,000 BTU options on the market today


Hayward is known for producing innovative and impressive pool heating technology, and this is no exception – but sometimes those top-tier innovations come at a slightly higher price tag. This unit is well worth the money over the long haul, however, and it has a low cost of ownership over its lifetime.


“Installation was simple and straightforward, and my pool hit 83°F about 72 hours after I set everything up”

“Blown away by how quickly my swimming pool got up to temperature. Even more impressed by how steady it’s been able to hold this temperature, even after some cold days in a row”

“I can imagine going with any other pool heating system them this one. The folks at Hayward have hit a homerun”


If you have a swimming pool-sized up to 15,000 gallons and can get away with a 50,000 BTU unit, there may not be a better Hayward swimming pool heater on the market than this one.

2. Hayward Residential Pool Heat Pump Titanium


If you’re looking for a little bit more power – and certainly more BTU output – from your Hayward heating pump system this is where you’re going to want to focus.

This unit can produce up to 140,000 BTU with absolutely no trouble whatsoever, heating pools that are much larger than 15,000 gallons to 85°F (and sometimes even higher than that) without a headache and without hassle – and in record time.


Hayward engineering uses titanium heating system to pump out 140,000 BTU

Compact design saves space without compromising the overall performance of the unit

You’ll be amazed at how quiet this system is even at full bore


Even the largest of swimming pools can be effortlessly heated to perfect temperatures with the use of this Hayward heating pump system. With 140,000 BTU output capabilities, you can bring even the chilliest swimming pools up to 85°F faster than you would have ever thought possible – often times inside of 48 hours.

This particular model has been known to increase inground swimming pool temperatures by upwards of 25°F in just a couple of days, and if you flip it on in the middle of summer it can maintain those temperatures all year round with very affordable energy costs.


Higher upfront cost and extreme BTU output makes this ideal only for the largest swimming pools


The pricing on this Hayward unit is a little bit of a premium, but that’s because this swimming pool heating system is designed to get the largest swimming pools up to temperature and then hold them consistently, day in and day out.


“You’re looking at almost industrial level capabilities in a unit designed for residential use”

“The titanium heat exchanger is very much the real deal, and I was able to jump my pool temperatures by 25°F inside of 72 hours”

“The control scheme on this heat pump is as easy to use as I’ve ever seen. I never feel lost getting my pool to the perfect temperature and then holding it there”


Those with larger format swimming pools are going to want to seriously consider everything that this big, bad Hayward system has to offer. 140,000 BTU output is no joke and it may overwhelm smaller swimming pools. But if you have a lot of water to heat and want to hold those temperatures this is the way to go.

3. Hayward HeatPro HP21104T


Quiet and energy-efficient, this particular model has been designed for swimming pools installed in locales where the outdoor temperatures are very infrequently going to dip below 50°F.

Working best in conjunction with a solar pool cover to better insulate your pool services (and to trap that extra heat), you’ll be amazed at how quickly this unit is able to bring your swimming pool up to temperature – even if it is just above 15,000 gallons.

The BTU output here sits at 110,000 BTU (the sweet spot in between the two options we highlighted above), giving you a little bit faster results than the 50,000 BTU option but not costing as much money as the 140,000 BTU option.


The use of the electrical heating system in this model increases its durability significantly compared to gas heating units

The titanium heat exchanger is going to resist corrosion better than any other material out there

The LED control panel makes operating and adjusting this unit in lowlight situations a dream


The titanium heat exchanger in this Hayward unit is the real star of the show. Not only does it efficiently transfer heat from the actual system itself to your swimming pool, but it works to resist corrosion so that you’ll get decades of use out of this model with next to no degradation whatsoever.

The LED readout isn’t just an easy to use control module but also the place to go for diagnostic details regarding your swimming pool. Fault messages, error codes, active temperatures, goal temperatures, and more pieces of important data can all be quickly accessed directly from this panel.


Like all other Hayward options, this unit is a little on the more expensive side of things compared to other heating units.


The initial price tag for this Hayward heating system is a little more expensive than some of the other contending options on the market today, but the overall cost of ownership is much more affordable – especially when you factor in the legendary durability of these products.


“I was able to get my 15,000 gallons swimming pool up to 87°F in 48 hours using this Hayward pump”

“Setup was way easier than my gas-powered water heater system was, and took a fraction of the time to get up and running”

“I have other Hayward hardware throughout my swimming pool system and have used it reliably for years and years. I expect the same fantastic performance out of this top-notch option”


Those that have every size swimming pools are going to find this a fantastic alternative to the first option from Hayward we highlighted above, if only because it’ll be able to bring your pool up to temperature a little faster thanks to the more than double BTU output.

There’s a lot to really like about this unit as long as your swimming pool isn’t on the oversized side of things.

Final Thoughts

Hayward models are some of the best options to heat your swimming pool all year round.

Not only can they achieve top temperatures pretty quickly (always inside of just a couple of days) but they can also quote and maintain those temperatures without chewing up a lot of energy along the way.

The titanium heat exchangers in all three of the options from Hayward we highlighted above help to separate these products from the rest of the pack. It offers improved efficiency, durability, and consistency you just won’t find anywhere else.

The Pentair 011018 Pool Pump Reviewed

pentair 011018

A short intro to the Pentair 011018

Pentair 011018 is a variable speed pool pump. It is a high-performance IntelliFlo pump capable of generating 3HP while running on 230V. It is an Energy Star certified pump from one of the market leaders, Pentair, and is one of their bestselling products right now.  

Pentair 011018 Overview

The beige-colored pool pump can save as much as ninety percent of energy compared to traditional pumps, as claimed by the manufacturer. The company also claims it generates barely 45dB of noise. 45dB is substantially quieter than the normal conversations humans have. The package weighs more than forty-seven pounds. The pump is 28” by 12” by 15”. Pentair estimates an annual saving of around fifteen hundred dollars when the pump is operated for standard periods of time every day throughout the peak season and at times during the off-peak season.

Pentair 011018 Features

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo pool pump has eight-speed settings. The programmable settings are complemented by an integrated timer. The combination assures perfect runtimes and optimum speed to maximize efficiency while increasing the savings on energy consumption. It comes with integrated diagnostics to preempt problems and to identify issues in real-time. This enables the pump to be protected from potential malfunctions and hence prolongs the service life.

The pump is compatible with EasyTouch, IntelliTouch, and SunTouch control systems. Popular brands of spa and pool controls, especially digital systems, can be easily hooked up with the pump. Such controls can be used for water features, spa jets, lighting, and heating. They can also be used to manage the pump. IntelliFlo pool pumps are presently the undisputed champion among variable speed models. They have outsold every other type of variable speed pump in the market, regardless of brand.

Pentair 011018 has permanent magnet motors. These are similar to the ones used in state of the art hybrid cars. The motor speed can be precisely set to meet the needs of a pool. The quality of water flow, filtration and operation at different speeds over varying periods of time is almost unmatched cutting across the classes or ranges of variable speed pool pumps. The TEFC motor design makes it quiet and durable. Totally enclosed fan cooled motor design is presently the most sought after.

The pool pump meets or exceeds Energy Star standards and parameters of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo can improve performance of the chlorinator and the filter, it can reduce the buildup of algae, facilitates installation of additional pool features without letting such fixtures impair its efficiency and can endure outdoor settings without any obvious or subtle changes in its performance. The three-phase motor can generate anywhere up to 3450 RPM. This is approximately 92% efficiency of the pump.

Pentair 011018 Review

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo has received very positive reviews from experts and users alike. It is considered by many critics to be the best variable speed pool pump available in the market right now. Our Pentair 011018 review revealed that the pump is indeed quiet. It is practically silent unless the maximum speed setting is chosen. The noise level remains low at most speed settings even when it is being operated for twelve hours straight. The daily operation does not make it operate any louder.

The speed range is from 400 RPM to 3,450 RPM. The eight different settings in this range are definitely utilitarian. The 3HP pool pump is powerful enough but the lower speed settings make it ideal for smaller pools as well. The vast range of programmable settings also provides pool owners the freedom to choose the mode of operation depending on how much energy they wish to conserve. While the 90% reduction in energy is a claim of the manufacturer, our Pentair 011018 review estimates a saving of around 75%. This is the more practical scenario but even such a saving is fascinating compared to traditional pool pumps.

Pentair 011018 uses IntelliFlo technology. It is developed by the company and makes the pool pump adaptable. The technology basically enables the pool pump to self adjust the flow rates so energy can be conserved without affecting the operations in any adverse way. This is a reason why the price is a tad higher but it can pay itself off within a year if a user needs to operate a pool pump for several months. Besides, this is a onetime investment in a machine that shall last years, if not decades.

One of the fascinating benefits of using the pool pump is its maximization of savings when you operate it for longer periods of time. Usually, a traditional pool pump will consume more energy and you will end up spending a lot of money for continuous operation over the months. Our Pentair 011018 review concludes that you will save more money as you operate the pump for longer periods of time. There is a ripple effect or a chain reaction on the saving as the energy consumed is sustainably and significantly much less than what is hogged by conventional pool pumps.

The relevance of Pentair 011018 and specifically its eight-speed settings become evident when pool owners use different devices or features. For instance, when you operate some side pool cleaner, the setting of the pump cannot be the same as when you are only running a filtration system. Waterfalls do not require the same speed setting as spa jets. A single-speed pool pump is never useful for all such applications. A variable speed pump with limited speed settings may not suffice either. Our Pentair 011018 review certainly infers that it is the perfect pool pump for all such applications or purposes. 

The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor or PMSM is the best you can get in pool pumps. This is the motor used in electric hybrid vehicles. Such motors use permanent magnets instead of windings in rotors. Conventional pumps with one-speed setting use induction motors, which are relatively inefficient. The neodymium iron boron magnets are one of the primary reasons why the Pentair 011018 is priced a tad high. The PMSM motor makes the pump have a compact design and be lighter than what it could have been. The motor also facilitates high torque density and much more continuous torque at varying speeds. There is much less rotor inertia, reduced heat and greater dynamic performance regardless of the quantum of load.

Pentair 011018 Pros and Cons

Every feature of the Pentair 011018 is its strength. Nothing is a cause for concern. Those on a stringent budget may find the price a bit inconvenient but the investment is absolutely worthwhile.

Pentair 011018 Price

The current price is $1,248.29. There is free shipping and return.

Pentair 011018 Customer Reviews

Most customers have endorsed the product, stating that they are indeed saving on energy and paying much less. Almost all customers have acknowledged the quiet operation of the motor and hence the pump. Some customers have raised the issue of paying a technician to install the pump, especially when the process is so easy. This is mandated by Pentair too just so they can avoid faulty installation when warranties can be claimed. The additional cost may not be pleasant but it just protects the pump, the manufacturer and also the pool owner.


Pentair 011018 is inarguably one of the finest variable speed pool pumps to have ever been made. It might have some competition in the future but right now there is no better choice at this price.