The 3 Best Gas Pool Heaters To Buy in 2019

best gas pool heater

A brief introduction to the 3 Best Gas Pool Heaters

Gas pool hs are very efficient, they heat pool water cheaply and rapidly by burning natural gas in a furnace. The good thing about gas pool heaters is that the length of time that the heater needs to run to reach the desired temperature is reduced due to the fact that natural gas heats water quickly. There are plenty of gas pool heaters on the market, some are better than others. It is a good idea to have a pool heater installed because it means that you can utilize your home-based pool in all weather conditions.

In this article we are going to review 3 best gas pool heaters on the market. Some are more expensive than others but all of the gas pool heaters we have chosen are high quality and easy to install. 

Raypak 406,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater w/ Cupro Nickel | RAY-014941

The first product in our 3 best gas pool heaters review article is the Raypak 406,000 BTU digital natural gas pool heater with cupro nickel. The Raypak is one of the best gas pool heaters on the market made with robust integral cupro nickel, it rapidly heats the water making it efficient and cost effective.

Here are some of the features available in the Raypak 406,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater:

  • Easy to read LCD with digital controls for simple temperature control and selection. Control the heater settings using the digital controls as well.
  • Made with high-end Cupro-nickel fin  tube
  • Rust-resistant Capron
  • Comes with a 2-inch PVC threaded union
  • The integrated microprocessor that facilitates diagnosis of system errors or problems also acts as a monitor to measure the temperature.


Here are some of the pros of choosing the Raypak 406,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater w/Cupro Nickel:

  • Efficient and low running costs
  • Easy to install
  • Weatherproof and rust-resistant
  • User friendly
  • Easy to diagnose system errors or problems

The Raypak 406,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater w/ Cupro Nickel | RAY-014941 is an efficient and cost effective pool heater, excellent for home use, high quality for those who want a long-lasting robust pool heater.


The price point for the the Raypak 406,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater is approximately $2,599.99. However, the price will differ depending on where you purchase it from.   

Hayward Universal H200

The next product in our 3 best gas pool heaters review is the Hayward Universal H200

The Hayward Universal H200 is an efficient and effective gas pool heater, it rapidly heats up your pool water to the perfect temperature in the spring, summer, fall and winter. This is an excellent choice for home users who want to use their swimming pool occasionally.

Here are some of the features of the Hayward Universal H200:

  • Runs on both propane or natural gas
  • Polymer header
  • Simple installation features
  • 200,000 British thermal units
  • 83% efficiency rating
  • Works fast
  • Low nitrogen oxide emissions
  • The H200 is adaptable and works with most pool sizes and shapes
  • cupro nickel heat exchanger


Here are some of the pros of choosing a Hayward Universal H200 pool heater:

  • Fits most pool sizes
  • Because it is a gas pool heater, it works well in all temperatures
  • Sturdy cupro nickel heat exchanger

Hayward Universal H200 is also very cost-effective and efficient and although extremely sturdy and high-quality, this pool heater is best for those who wish to use their swimming pool once in a while as opposed to on a frequent basis.


The Hayward Universal H200 is approximately $1,810.85, the price will differ depending on where you purchase it from.

Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Black Propane Gas Spa and Pool Heater

The Sta-Rite Max-Therm Black Propane Gas and Spa and Pool Heater is another pool heater in our list of 3 best gas pool heaters. It is a lightweight pool heater, with a very compact design, perfect for retro-fit installation. This pool heater is excellent for those who want quality without the size.

Here are some of the features of the Sta-Rite Max-Therm Black Propane Gas and Spa pool heater:

  • Light and compact
  • Efficient and low operating costs- 84% efficiency rating
  • Rust and weather-resistant
  • Fits most systems
  • Easy to install
  • 333 BTU

The Sta-Rite Max-Therm pool heater has some great features, here are some of the pros of choosing this particular pool heater:

  • Light and easy to install 
  • Compact design
  • Very efficient 
  • Rust and weather-resistant


The pricing for the Sta-Rite Max-Therm pool heater will differ depending on where you purchase it however, the standard price point for this pool heater is $2,299.99.

Before we  conclude, let’s talk about some of the overall benefits of purchasing a gas pool heater:

Benefits of purchasing a gas pool heater 

One of the main benefits of purchasing a gas pool heater as opposed to purchasing a solar pool heater or any other kind is the price point. Gas pool heaters are generally cheaper, and they also provide the benefit of rapid heating. One other notable benefit is that gas pool heaters do not depend on the air temperature.


We have listed 3 gas best gas pool heaters in this article including all the pros and features of each product. Let’s recap, and provide you with some of the highlights of each of the products we have discussed in the article.

The Raypack 406,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater w/Cupro Nickel is one of the best gas pool heaters out there with very easy to read LCD digital controls, it is also weather and rust resistant, easy to install too. You can grab one of these for approximately  $2,599.99.

The Hayward Universal H200 is another efficient gas pool heater, it works quickly and is a great choice for occasional users. The good thing about the Hayward is that is runs on both propane and natural gas, easy installation and has low nitrogen oxide emissions which is good news for the environment.

You can purchase a Hayward Universal H200 for approximately $1,810.85 depending on where you purchase it from.

The final gas pool heater we recommended was the Sta-Rite Max E-Therm Black Propane Gas Spa and Pool Heater. The good thing about this particular pool heater is that it is lightweight, designed for easy installation and it has simple compact design. Like the other pool heaters it is efficient, and weather resistant as well as  easy to install.

The Sta-Rite Max-Therm Black Propane Gas and Spa and Pool Heater is another pool heater in our list of 3 best gas pool heaters. It is a lightweight pool heater, with a very compact design, perfect for retro-fit installation. This pool heater is excellent for those who want quality without the size. It is also rust and weather resistant and easy to install with 333 BTU.

These are some of the best gas pool heaters on the market, prices may differ depending on where you purchase your gas pool heater from, always ensure that you hire a qualified gas pool heater expert or pool installation contractor to install your gas pool heater for you instead of trying to install it yourself. Also check and make sure the seller also offers a sellers warranty as well as a manufacturers warranty before you purchase your gas pool heater.

The best gas pool heaters are those that are energy efficient and cost-effective.

The 3 Best Solar Pool Heaters Reviewed

best solar pool heater

How do we rate the Best Solar Pool Heaters

One of the best things about owning a swimming pool? Being able to enjoy an evening swim or BBQ with friends and family. With the right pool heater, you don’t have to worry about the water being too cold, once the sun has gone down. Unfortunately, gas or electric heaters can prove to be more trouble than they are worth. Some find them annoying to maintain. You also have to consider the increase in your monthly energy costs, depending on how often you use the pool. Gas and electric heaters are fine for some, but others may find they have too many disqualifying considerations.

This is where our list of the 3 best solar pool heaters can be invaluable. Solar pool heaters have become an extremely viable alternative to the traditional gas and electric options. The technology behind these heaters has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years.

We’ve narrowed down your options to the top 3 solar pool heaters.

1. Smartpool S601P Sunheater Solar Pool Heater

Utilizing a panel system of solar collectors, the S601P from Smartpool is a good representative of just how far these heaters have come in recent years. This is also a good choice for anyone who is new to solar pool heaters, and would like something that is simple and effective in equal measures. Over the course of the season, it can raise the temperature of your swimming pool anywhere between ten to fifteen degrees. You will also want to keep in mind taking care of the heater is a snap.

Features: The materials used to make this heater are made from some of the most durable on earth, ensuring a heater you can rely on for a long time to come. The heater has a panel height of 2’. Installation can be done on the roof, on the ground, or on a rack. Two stainless steel clamps are included, as part of the tubes and panels that will be connected to the pump of your swimming pool.

Pros: The simple installation associated with this heater is our favorite benefit. Solar pool heaters have really come a long way. That is reflected nicely in not only the power of this heater, but in terms of being able to get everything set up in just a few minutes. The connectors are interchangeable, and we also like the way it uses a design that emphasizes direct flow. Ultimately, this green-friendly solution gives you eighty square-feet of solar panel power.

Cons: In terms of downsides, nothing about this heater really stands out to us.

Pricing: A pack of 1 will run you about $198.99.

Reviews for the S601P are almost universally positive:

  • “This heater made it SO easy to make the jump to solar! Amazing!”
  • “My family noticed the difference in pool temp almost immediately. Really glad I tried out a solar heater.”
  • “A+ results!”

2. Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System for Above-Ground Pools

This is a decidedly different example of solar heaters for our list of the 3 best solar pool heaters, when compared to the entry above. It is important to keep in mind that there are quite a few solar options available to you these days. Make sure you find one that will meet your heating needs, while simultaneously working with your budget and specific type of swimming pool. The Solar Bear Economy Heating System from Fafco is an economic, powerful choice for many of the above-ground pools currently on the market.

Features: Obviously, the design behind this heater has been built for not only durability but also to stand up to constant UV exposure. The product is twenty feet long, which means you will get a good deal of power at a very reasonable price. The large headers are worth noting, as they work well at circulating the water while transferring heat. You also don’t have to worry about connectors. Try to keep this heater tilted 10-30 degrees towards the south for optimal performance.

Pros: Given the lack of connectors, you can assume the installation for this heater is extremely easy. It should start to work quickly, producing results in very little time. It doesn’t get much eco-friendlier than this, and we’re also really impressed with the warranty offered by Fafco.

Cons: At 20ft, you need to make sure it will fit in your backyard!

Pricing: This heater is currently available for $350.94.

Reviews for this heater can give you a better idea if it’s right for you:

  • “Easy setup, and a lot more affordable than I ever would have guessed.”
  • “I’m officially a fan of solar pool heaters! Wow!”
  • “My husband and I have been wanting to get a heater for our above-ground pool for a while. This one was perfect.”

3. GAME 4721 SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater

It isn’t hard to see why this release from GAME is on our list of the 3 best solar pool heaters. The combination of smart tech with unique engineering qualities makes this one of the most intriguing solar swimming pool heaters available. The curve shape of this heater is another interesting element to consider. This is a good solution for anyone who needs something that produces results, but also doesn’t take up too much in the way of space. GAME is also notable for being one of the top solar pool heater brands on the market.

Features: The curve design is worth mentioning again. It isn’t just an aesthetic choice, although we like the way it looks with the pool after setup. The design is part of GAME’s overall efforts to make this heater as compact as possible, without sacrificing anything in the way of efficiency. While many people use this heater with above-ground pools, the truth of the matter is that it can work pretty well with in-ground swimming pools, as well.

Pros: The dual compatibility feature we just mentioned is a huge benefit. This is particularly true when you consider how affordable this heater is. It also works quickly, and you should see results in about five days. If you want to heat things up even more, you can purchase and attach additional units with ease.

Cons: There really aren’t any!

Pricing: $180.39 is the price for one unit. This means that if you do indeed add additional units, it won’t be too terribly expensive.

Reviews for the GAME 4721 have been highly positive:

  • “Powerful and easy to use!”
  • “I wound up buying 3 to get my ideal temperature. Worth it!”
  • “1 was perfect for my smallish pool.”


This list of the 3 best solar pool heaters can give you a clear idea of your options. This is a really good time to explore the benefits of solar power in a broad sense. If you’re on the fence about the technology, and you own a swimming pool, we would venture to say a solar heater for swimming pools is a really good way to test the waters, so to speak.

Solar panels are also really starting to catch up to gas and electric options. While those types of heaters probably won’t disappear from the market anytime soon, it is getting easier and easier to make the switch to something different. Keep in mind that with a solar pool heater, you aren’t just reducing your overall carbon footprint. You are also taking advantage of a chance to save a little on your monthly energy costs. Those are the twin benefits of green-friendly energy. Such benefits can easily be applied to something as simple as a heater for your swimming pool.

The 3 Best Hayward Pool Filters To purchase in 2019: Pro’s & Con’s

best hayward pool filter

A quick intro to the Best Hayward Pool Filter

Unless your swimming pool is a kiddie pool, you’re going to need a pool filter. There are a number of products and manufacturers on the market. If you really don’t know where to begin, we would suggest starting with a search for the best Hayward pool filter. In terms of the best pool filters on the market, you’ll find that many of them come from this manufacturer in particular. Hayward has been in business for more than eighty years. Their product range emphasizes versatility, efficiency, and ease-of-use. There is an excellent chance that your ideal pool filter can be found along the Hayward product line.

There are a ton of Hayward filters available. Furthermore, there are even different types of pool filters to consider. The whole process can be a little overwhelming for a first-time shopper.

To that end, we’ve broken down the entire Hayward line into the top 3 Hayward pool filters.

1. Hayward C1200 SwimClear Plus Cartridge Pool Filter

Do you have a mid-size or large swimming pool? If so, the Hayward C1200 is going to be a fantastic option to consider. The odds are good that this filter will handle what you need, as it comes with a long list of benefits and straightforward components:

Features: This filter consists of a single device with a molded foundation. Anyone can set this filter up in a matter of moments, as long as they pay attention to the instructions. There are also a number of impressive safety features, which are designed to ensure the lid never comes off. You don’t have to use bolts or clamps to keep the lid shut. The cartridge element is also worth noting, as it’s larger than similar products. It has been designed for not only strength but for consistent performance, as well.

Pros: The simplicity of this filter is far and away from its biggest benefit. Anyone can get this filter up and running in a matter of minutes. You won’t have to worry about the lid coming off, as we mentioned before. It works with pretty much any modern pool on the market, provided it is designed for a pool of your size. You also get a cartridge included with the filter. Finally, despite being a single-cartridge product, it is more than up to the task of handling your water and filtration needs.

Cons: Honestly, there really aren’t any downsides to this filter. As long as it matches up to the size of your swimming pool, you shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever.

Pricing: At $337.99, this is an extremely affordable filter.

Not surprisingly, this filter has picked up some great reviews:

  • “Setting this filter up couldn’t have been easier. It’s been working great!”
  • “As efficient as it is simple!”
  • “The best filter I’ve ever used!”

2. Hayward C3030 SwimClear Cartridge Pool Filter

Despite a higher price tag (more on that later), this is a phenomenal investment, as far as pool filters are concerned. There are a number of reasons as to why we consider this an excellent example of what you should look for in the best Hayward pool filter. This is another cartridge-style filter. It has been hailed for being as powerful as it is durable.

•           Features: The features and overall strength of this filter is enough for many of the commercial swimming pools that use it. The largest version of this filter can handle swimming pools in the range of 725 sq. feet. You will also want to note the low-profile design for the base of the tank. The Noryl bulkhead is designed to provide strength, as well as resistance to heat. The cartridge elements can be cleaned with ease, as well.

Pros: The sheer power of this filter is perhaps its best feature. We also like the fact that the filter includes four cartridges right out of the box. Also, in terms of installation, don’t let the size of this filter concern you. Even those with little-to-zero plumbing experience found installation to be a breeze. Cleaning and maintenance are a snap, as well.

Cons: The price can be a little intimidating. However, if you’re going to have a lot of people use your pool daily, the value of this filter is priceless.

Pricing: Prices start at $682.99.

Reviews of this filter have been extremely positive:

  • “The way we use our pool, this filter is absolutely essential. I’m glad I finally invested in a filter that can keep up with as often as my family and friends are using the pool!”
  • “I’ve tried a few filters. Never going back after this one.”
  • “The C2030 is honestly amazing. I had it up and running in just a few minutes.”

3.  Hayward S210T ProSeries Sand Filter

While cartridge-based filters are terrific, remember that they do not represent your sole option. Sand filters can potentially require a little more work, but it’s a worthy consideration for anyone who is eager to make the transition to something more powerful. While this is smaller than the other options we’ve covered on our list discussing the best Hayward pool filter, it does the job on most backyard pool options.

Features: As mentioned before, this filter favors a sand filter. If you have only ever used cartridges, the transition isn’t a big deal. Available in a variety of sizes, this filter is another example of Hayward’s dedication to providing some of the strongest pool filters currently available. The rust/corrosion-proof tank for the filter is worth noting. The same can be said for its flange/clamp design, which makes turning the filter easy.

Pros: As far as sand filters are concerned, this is quite possibly the best one commercially available. It is certainly the most popular, meaning it appeals to both beginners and experienced filter users alike. Everything you need for installation is included in the box. We would also say this is another Hayward pool filter that ranks high for ease of use. Not only in terms of installation, but in terms of cleaning and maintenance, as well.

Cons: Once again, there really aren’t any.

Pricing: Prices start at $199.99.

 As you can imagine, the S210T comes with some very positive reviews:

“This is far and away from the best sand filter I’ve ever used. We had to make sure we got the right one for our pool, but there were thankfully a lot of sizes to choose from.”“I was a little hesitant about making the switch from cartridges to sand filters. Hayward made it really easy to change systems with the S210T. It was easy to install, and it works flawlessly!”

“Great, simple pool filter. I’m really glad I chose it.”


Among these filters, it should be easy to find the best Hayward pool filter for your needs. As we touched on here and there throughout this list, it is vital to make sure you purchase the right filter for the size of your swimming pool. Yes, a smaller-than-needed filter can work to keep your pool clean, but it will only be but so efficient. When you get the right size filter, the results are going to be dazzling. Any one of these filters can give you the results you are looking for.

While there are other brands on the market, Hayward continues to represent the standard-bearer for anyone who has had one or more swimming pools for a significant amount of time. It is worth repeating that if you are new to choosing the best pool filter, Hayward is almost certainly your best bet for a starting point. Any one of the three filters above can be ideal.