The Pentair 011018 Pool Pump Reviewed

pentair 011018

A short intro to the Pentair 011018

Pentair 011018 is a variable speed pool pump. It is a high-performance IntelliFlo pump capable of generating 3HP while running on 230V. It is an Energy Star certified pump from one of the market leaders, Pentair, and is one of their bestselling products right now.  

Pentair 011018 Overview

The beige-colored pool pump can save as much as ninety percent of energy compared to traditional pumps, as claimed by the manufacturer. The company also claims it generates barely 45dB of noise. 45dB is substantially quieter than the normal conversations humans have. The package weighs more than forty-seven pounds. The pump is 28” by 12” by 15”. Pentair estimates an annual saving of around fifteen hundred dollars when the pump is operated for standard periods of time every day throughout the peak season and at times during the off-peak season.

Pentair 011018 Features

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo pool pump has eight-speed settings. The programmable settings are complemented by an integrated timer. The combination assures perfect runtimes and optimum speed to maximize efficiency while increasing the savings on energy consumption. It comes with integrated diagnostics to preempt problems and to identify issues in real-time. This enables the pump to be protected from potential malfunctions and hence prolongs the service life.

The pump is compatible with EasyTouch, IntelliTouch, and SunTouch control systems. Popular brands of spa and pool controls, especially digital systems, can be easily hooked up with the pump. Such controls can be used for water features, spa jets, lighting, and heating. They can also be used to manage the pump. IntelliFlo pool pumps are presently the undisputed champion among variable speed models. They have outsold every other type of variable speed pump in the market, regardless of brand.

Pentair 011018 has permanent magnet motors. These are similar to the ones used in state of the art hybrid cars. The motor speed can be precisely set to meet the needs of a pool. The quality of water flow, filtration and operation at different speeds over varying periods of time is almost unmatched cutting across the classes or ranges of variable speed pool pumps. The TEFC motor design makes it quiet and durable. Totally enclosed fan cooled motor design is presently the most sought after.

The pool pump meets or exceeds Energy Star standards and parameters of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo can improve performance of the chlorinator and the filter, it can reduce the buildup of algae, facilitates installation of additional pool features without letting such fixtures impair its efficiency and can endure outdoor settings without any obvious or subtle changes in its performance. The three-phase motor can generate anywhere up to 3450 RPM. This is approximately 92% efficiency of the pump.

Pentair 011018 Review

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo has received very positive reviews from experts and users alike. It is considered by many critics to be the best variable speed pool pump available in the market right now. Our Pentair 011018 review revealed that the pump is indeed quiet. It is practically silent unless the maximum speed setting is chosen. The noise level remains low at most speed settings even when it is being operated for twelve hours straight. The daily operation does not make it operate any louder.

The speed range is from 400 RPM to 3,450 RPM. The eight different settings in this range are definitely utilitarian. The 3HP pool pump is powerful enough but the lower speed settings make it ideal for smaller pools as well. The vast range of programmable settings also provides pool owners the freedom to choose the mode of operation depending on how much energy they wish to conserve. While the 90% reduction in energy is a claim of the manufacturer, our Pentair 011018 review estimates a saving of around 75%. This is the more practical scenario but even such a saving is fascinating compared to traditional pool pumps.

Pentair 011018 uses IntelliFlo technology. It is developed by the company and makes the pool pump adaptable. The technology basically enables the pool pump to self adjust the flow rates so energy can be conserved without affecting the operations in any adverse way. This is a reason why the price is a tad higher but it can pay itself off within a year if a user needs to operate a pool pump for several months. Besides, this is a onetime investment in a machine that shall last years, if not decades.

One of the fascinating benefits of using the pool pump is its maximization of savings when you operate it for longer periods of time. Usually, a traditional pool pump will consume more energy and you will end up spending a lot of money for continuous operation over the months. Our Pentair 011018 review concludes that you will save more money as you operate the pump for longer periods of time. There is a ripple effect or a chain reaction on the saving as the energy consumed is sustainably and significantly much less than what is hogged by conventional pool pumps.

The relevance of Pentair 011018 and specifically its eight-speed settings become evident when pool owners use different devices or features. For instance, when you operate some side pool cleaner, the setting of the pump cannot be the same as when you are only running a filtration system. Waterfalls do not require the same speed setting as spa jets. A single-speed pool pump is never useful for all such applications. A variable speed pump with limited speed settings may not suffice either. Our Pentair 011018 review certainly infers that it is the perfect pool pump for all such applications or purposes. 

The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor or PMSM is the best you can get in pool pumps. This is the motor used in electric hybrid vehicles. Such motors use permanent magnets instead of windings in rotors. Conventional pumps with one-speed setting use induction motors, which are relatively inefficient. The neodymium iron boron magnets are one of the primary reasons why the Pentair 011018 is priced a tad high. The PMSM motor makes the pump have a compact design and be lighter than what it could have been. The motor also facilitates high torque density and much more continuous torque at varying speeds. There is much less rotor inertia, reduced heat and greater dynamic performance regardless of the quantum of load.

Pentair 011018 Pros and Cons

Every feature of the Pentair 011018 is its strength. Nothing is a cause for concern. Those on a stringent budget may find the price a bit inconvenient but the investment is absolutely worthwhile.

Pentair 011018 Price

The current price is $1,248.29. There is free shipping and return.

Pentair 011018 Customer Reviews

Most customers have endorsed the product, stating that they are indeed saving on energy and paying much less. Almost all customers have acknowledged the quiet operation of the motor and hence the pump. Some customers have raised the issue of paying a technician to install the pump, especially when the process is so easy. This is mandated by Pentair too just so they can avoid faulty installation when warranties can be claimed. The additional cost may not be pleasant but it just protects the pump, the manufacturer and also the pool owner.


Pentair 011018 is inarguably one of the finest variable speed pool pumps to have ever been made. It might have some competition in the future but right now there is no better choice at this price.