The 3 Best Hayward Pool Pumps To Buy in 2019

The 3 Best Hayward Pool Pumps To Buy in 2019

How to pick the Best Hayward Pool Pump for your pool

Hayward Industries, Inc. makes over a dozen pool pumps. It makes pumps for both above ground and in-ground pools. The latest models of pumps for above ground pools are PowerFlo® VS 300, PowerFlo Matrix, PowerFlo LX and PowerFlo II. PowerFlo VS 300 is a variable speed pump mostly known for its energy efficiency. PowerFlo Matrix is a powerful pump for above-ground pools. PowerFlo LX is for both on-ground and above ground swimming pools. It is an affordable pump that delivers on performance as well. PowerFlo II is a superior quality pump known mostly for its self priming feature.

Hayward has more than a dozen pumps for in-ground pools right now. The best Hayward pool pumps in this category are VS Omni™, TriStar® VS and EcoStar®. Other models are also popular among pool and spa owners. The Super Pump® is a bestseller, including the VS variant. MaxFlo VS™ is an energy efficient variable speed pump. TriStar®, which is the preceding model of the VS variant, is a hydraulically efficient pump for in-ground pools. Super II™ and MaxFlo XL™ are for standard sized pools for optimum operations. These are not heavy duty pool pumps. MaxFlo™ is also an entry level pump. Hayward also has booster pumps. TriStar Waterfall is for water features in pools and spas.

Review of VS Omni™

This range of variable speed pool pumps comes with smart pool control. All the pumps in this series are Energy Star certified. These are affordable and easy to use. The pumps have scheduling option. Smart control simplifies daily operations. This range can work with most types of equipments used in pools and spas, including lighting, water features, heaters and sanitization. The integration with Hayward equipments and those of other brands is a breeze. Many pool owners consider this series as a fitting replacement or upgrade.

There are four models of VS Omni. The horsepower range is 1.65, 1.85 and 2.70. All the variants operate on 230V single phase connection and can generate 600 to 3450 RPM. The packages have smart relay, control pad and wiring base unit. The smart control can be accessed remotely through a tablet or phone. The system is compatible with Amazon Alexa and other popular home automation systems. These pumps can save as much as ninety percent of energy compared to ordinary models.

Pros and Cons of VS Omni™

VS Omni uses permanent magnets. The motors are totally enclosed and fan cooled. The motor is super quiet in each of the four models. The pumps also feature Viton seal and EnduraDrive. These two features ensure reliability and durability. The pumps can deliver high performance over long periods of constant use.

Review of TriStar® VS

This is not only one of the best Hayward pool pumps in regards to performance and durability but also in terms of energy efficiency. The models are Energy Star certified. They have been tested by third parties as per regulations laid out by the EPA and the data reveal that it is the most energy efficient variable speed pump in the market today. Hayward has designed the TriStar in-house and manufactured it in entirety. The variable speed in-ground pool pumps in this series can save as much as ninety percent of energy. This can lead to a saving of over a thousand dollars in a year for pools that are used for several months. This saving is in comparison with running a single speed pump.

TriStar has a TEFC motor which uses a permanent magnet. The totally enclosed design and fan cooled motor makes operation quieter than usual. The range is among the most reliable series made by Hayward. The decibel level is indeed low, not just in comparison with single speed pool pumps but also among variable speed models. TriStar VS is a programmable in-ground pool pump. It offers a touch pad control that can be conveniently rotated to have four distinct positions. The touch pad control can also be hosted on a wall. Access is assuredly convenient. The pump is also universally compatible. Hayward automation systems can be easily synced with the pump. Automation systems made by competing brands can also be synced but the pump operates as an independent installation. Relay control can be used for the pump.

Pros and Cons of TriStar® VS

TriStar VS is a reliable model. The basket is supersized and can easily deal with lots of debris, including leaves. Intervention is unnecessary as the basket can accommodate a lot of debris and hence the pump can run for extended periods of time. There are four models and hence prices so pool and spa owners can choose one that specifically suits their needs.

Review of Super Pump® VS

Hayward was among the first brands that rolled out a super pump. They even called it Super Pump. The Super Pump VS is a successor of the original. This is a variable speed pump. There are four models. Pool and spa owners can choose the horsepower and voltage requirement based on what they need and the setup they have. Not everyone wants to rewire or change the plumbing setup. Anyone with a Super Pump can easily upgrade to the VS variant. The pump is backward compatible. Even if anyone is replacing a pump of another brand, the same plumbing and wiring setups can be used for the Super Pump VS.

Super Pump is not just one of the best Hayward pool pumps. It is a bestseller among all brands and models. The advanced model is even better obviously. It is more energy efficient as it is a variable speed pump. The pump is ideal for small or medium sized pools. It is not for the largest of residential pools. It is not fitting for commercial pools. Super Pump VS is a reasonably priced pump but its limitation is small to midsized pools.

Pros and Cons of Super Pump® VS

The Super Pump has several strengths. The motor is quiet, the build is sturdy, the model is energy efficient and there are variants to suit different power requirements. The programmable features are useful. Ease of access and use are two noteworthy facts. Universal compatibility is also highly relevant. There are 115V and 230V variants so pool and spa owners have a choice to choose one depending on the setup they have. The Super Pump has not shortcomings other than the fact that it is not for larger pools.


The plethora of Hayward pool pumps ensures customers can shop for specifically what they want or need. With over a dozen options for in-ground pools and nearly half a dozen for on ground or above ground pools, customers are spoilt for choice. Hayward provides all relevant information and it also explains the technologies being used in different models. Most of the technologies are patented so what they can enable are unmatched. It is a reliable brand and the best Hayward pool pumps we have listed are amongst the most durable models you can get.

Hayward pool pumps are reasonably priced. They are neither the most inexpensive nor the costliest pumps, either for above ground or in-ground pools. One of the pleasant realities of the aforementioned models is that when pool or spa owners choose a particular horsepower and voltage, they are not compromising or being compelled to give up other features. The revolutions per minute remain the same. The patented technologies for one model are available in all the variants. There is no drawback of choosing a pump with less power if that serves the purpose for a customer.

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