The 3 Best Intex Pool Pumps To buy for your pool

The 3 Best Intex Pool Pumps To buy for your pool

How do we rate the Best Intex Pool Pumps?

A pool pump is the heart and soul of your family’s beloved swimming pool. Its job is to circulate the water. This will keep the water moving, and also push it through the filter so that particles of dirt, bugs, small stones and other debris, as well as undesirable substances, are removed from the water.

In order for your filter to function correctly, you must make sure you have the right size pool pump. If you end up with one that is too small, the machine will struggle in circulating the water properly, which could lead to growth of algae as well as wasted energy.

A pool pump that is far too large for your situation may give you pressure that is greater than the filter or pipes can handle, which can lead to damaged systems and more headache.

Also consider the pump’s motor speed as you shop. You can find dual, single, or variable kinds. Single speeds are good for smaller pools and spas. Dual and variable pumps are popular as many states are starting to require that you buy multi speed pool pumps when you put in a new swimming pool. Check with your local laws to see.

1. Intex 28635EG Krystal Clear Filter Pump

This is one of the best Intex pool pump, featuring Hydro Aeration Tech. The circulation of this pool pump is a step above the rest. Fine particles in the pool water clump and settle during the aeration, so it is easy to remove them via the filtration system.

The system puts more negative ions in the water, leading to greater air freshness around your pool. The water this pump treats becomes clear, beautiful and sparkling.


  • Exclusively designed for above ground pools
  • Installs very easily-just attach the hoses by way of a 1.5-inch hose fitting and plug it in.
  • Flows at a rate of 1180 GPH. You can set a timer for 2 to 12-hour cycles.
  • Comes with filter cartridge that is easy to clean and replace. Type is A/C.


  • Great for above ground pools
  • Assembly takes just a few minutes.
  • Can work with other pool brands, not just Intex.


  • No real cons with this particular product.


Product is very fairly priced at about $70. You can also get this product shipped for free, no Prime membership required.


Customers are very happy with their Intex 28635EG filter. Check these paraphrased reviews out!

“The plunger valve is so worth it. You can turn a handle and cut off the water at outlet and inlet. This helps avoid more water loss.”-B. Hooven

“I found out most people have been adapting this pump to their pools. This is a strong pump for half the cost. We hooked it up with a bit of effort.” -B.

“So glad I updated! I spend less time cleaning my pool than I did last year. This requires so little maintenance!”-S. Stewart


This is a great pool filter for those of you with smaller pools. It hooks up so easy, even customers who said they were not so handy were able to get it up and running.

2. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump


Sand filters are a great way to keep costs low and pool water clean. Sand is a cheap filter media and so long as you do regular backwashing, you may only need to replace it every five years. This best intex pool pump has all the features you need for easy maintenance.

  • Comes with one Hydro Aeration Technology inlet fitting
  • Has a digital timer that you can use to turn the pump on and off daily, can run for up to 12 hours
  • Holds 26lb of sand
  • Handles 1050 GPH
  • Handles pools of 2800 gallons to 8400 gallons


  • Features six functions of backwashing, filter, rinsing, re-circulate, drain and close system
  • You can easily monitor pressure using the PSI gauge
  • Auto-timer is a great energy saver
  • Hydro Aeration tech promotes circulation and filtration and gets you clearer water


  • No cons for this product.


Depending on the size of the pump you want, you can expect to pay $121-$213 for this particular item.


“I have a Coleman pool, and I just hooked up the hoses from the old cartridge filter pump to the new filter. In 15 minutes, stuff was moving off the floor!”-Mamacart

“The sight window is such a nice feature to see the water color during backflushing. I like the digital program panel-so easy to use. A backflush is just a few clicks and you’re done. Buy sand from a pool supply store.”

“This Intex 16-inch pump worked great to clear the 4500-gallon pool we have. My chlorine was very high, and I added some acid and algaecide. I brushed the pool sides. This broke up everything and made it easy to be filtered. I ran the pump 10 hours a day for a week. The pump is easy to install, especially if you are trading out one Intex pump for the other.”-Melinda Rewis


This pump comes in many sizes and is a great way to keep the pool clean and safe.

3. Intex Krystal Clear 2150 2150 GPH Sand Filter Pump


Here is another great sand filter to keep the pool water fresh, clean and appealing. Sand is a great, cheap way to filter the water. You only need to replace the sand every five years, so maintenance is a breeze. This pool filter for above ground pools features a 24-hour timer and can handle pools that are 4800 to 15,000 gallons.


  • 110-120V power with ground-fault circuit interrupter
  • The system flow rate of 2150 GPH, the Pump flow rate is 2650 GPH
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty-buy with confidence.


  • No additional products or accessories must be purchased
  • You get the amazing feeling of saltwater instead of harsh chlorine in your pool
  • Includes Electrocatalytic Oxidation, a saltwater system that is great at keeping pool water clean and low-maintenance.


  • No cons found; one of the best Intex pool pumps.


This filter is priced at $275 and ships completely free, no Prime membership needed.


“Before this, I was spending $20 on a filter every week. I also bought shock, chlorine tabs, chlorine, and clarifier. It cost $600 to maintain this pool last year! But the setup was simple, and my pool has never been cleaner.”-Andrew R

“Installation is easy, and you also have the CD included. After only three hours of operation the water was clearer. You don’t need any chemicals with this. The system just needs some pool sand, and you will also need pool salt, too. You can get other parts just by calling the company, with no problems.”-Nataliya U

“I unhooked my current sand filter and pump and followed the setup instructions. It took me 20 minutes to set up. I used hose clamps to make sure everything was snug. The unit has worked perfectly since buying it. My pool is always clear with little to no maintenance.”-Wes Berry

Converting from chlorine to saltwater is a breeze with this pump. The investment is worth the lessened maintenance.

Wrapping It Up

No matter which of the best Intex pool pumps you end up with, you will get one that really helps you and your family out. After all, a pool pump is a necessary part of keeping the swimming pool clear and safe for everybody who uses it, so just make the right choice the first time and go with an Intex.

Intex is a great combination of value, quality and technology that just gets the job done right the first time. You can also take comfort in knowing you can buy it right on Amazon, too, which makes the shopping experience familiar, safe and reliable. And don’t take our word for it.

Make sure you check out the reviews on other websites and ask your friends with swimming pools what they think about these best Intex pool pumps we mentioned above. Chances are you will hear about how wonderful their Intex filter is. Get yours today and swim happy.

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