The Hayward Salt Cell Review: Pro’s & Con’s

The Hayward Salt Cell Review: Pro’s & Con’s

A short overview of the Hayward Salt Cell

Hayward has been producing top-tier swimming pool hardware and solutions for just over 80 years.

Along the way this company has developed a reputation for durability, usability, and innovative as well as forward thinking products, with no more perfect example of these elements than the Hayward Salt Cells.

Designed to take advantage of sodium chloride (regular, old-fashioned table salt) and electrolysis to create chlorine for your pool that is more effective and considerably milder (on the human skin and human eyes) than traditional chlorine, these Salt Cells help to dramatically transform the way you go about swimming pool maintenance once and for all – making the entire process a lot simpler and more straightforward while putting most of it on autopilot.

Salt chlorinator options are pretty popular pieces of technology these days, but of all the companies producing these kinds of solutions only the folks at Hayward have a reputation for reliability and consistency that cannot be topped.

In this quick Hayward Salt Cell review we break down everything you need to know about this technology and whether or not it is ideal for your specific situation.


Salt Cell makes three different Salt Cells available (a set up designed for 15,000 gallons swimming pools, 25,000 gallons swimming pools, and 40,000 gallons swimming pools) but all of them leverage the same basic underlying technology to provide consistent results across the board.

Built on the back of proprietary Hayward technology, these three systems are considered to be the very best salt chlorinator options on the market right now. Effortlessly attaching to your already existing swimming pool pumping system, more Hayward Salt Cells have been installed in pools worldwide than the top to competing manufacturers combined.

The technology itself for these chlorinators started to be pioneered 20 years ago, but the Hayward Salt Cell options leverage the most cutting-edge advances in the electrolysis technology that makes salt chlorination possible in the first place.

Unlike a lot of other options on the market today, the Hayward Salt Cells come complete with a power bank that allows you to fire up this installation right out of the box. Combine that with the simple and straightforward electrolysis mechanism that turns table salt into chlorine – chlorine that breaks down back into sodium chloride and recycles throughout your system again and again – and you’re looking at a top-tier piece of tech that makes cleaning and maintaining your pool almost effortless.

You’ll have complete control over the settings that allow you to dictate the rate of chlorination throughout your pool, but you can also set this chlorinator to “autopilot” and allow it to effortlessly maintain sanitary and hygienic pool conditions without having to add anything to your pool on a regular basis.


  • Incredibly Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of moving forward with a Hayward Salt Cell system is that it has a ridiculously low overall cost of ownership, especially when compared to more traditional chlorination systems. After the initial investment in this technology has been made (an investment most Hayward Salt Cell reviews find to be very palatable) the cost to keep the system running is almost negligent.

  • Easy Installation

Nobody wants to have to pay a professional plumber to come and install a chlorinator unit in their pool, and with this particular set up that will never be a problem. The entire system has been designed to effortlessly install directly into your existing pool pump set up and configuration – working with what you already have in place to provide improved maintenance solutions across the board.

  • Automatic Chlorination

When you set the unit to “autopilot” it is going to work to maintain the perfectly balanced level of chlorination and pH throughout your pool, all without you having to add any extra chlorine or even any extra salt (except on very rare instances where you have to top up the cells themselves). This is about as close to a “set it and forget it” kind of solution as you’re going to find, and you’ll never have to worry about the headache and hassle of actively monitoring and adjusting your chlorine levels or pH with other chemicals.

  • Gentler Pool Cleaning Solution

The biggest benefit of moving forward with this set up (at least according to most Hayward Salt Cell reviews) is that you eliminate the harshness and the potential side effects of traditional chlorine and other chemicals while still getting a crystal-clear and perfectly sanitized pool on a daily basis.

  • Effortless to Utilize

At the end of the day, you’ll really appreciate the fact that this system makes cleaning and maintaining your pool a project that will only take a couple of minutes every day – and most of that work will only involve glancing at the readout of the Hayward Salt Cells to make sure that everything is working the way it should.


The initial upfront price of this particular set up is a little bit higher than more traditional chlorine systems, but as mentioned above the ridiculously low overall cost of ownership over the lifetime of this unit brings the total cost down significantly.


Depending on the unit that you choose to move forward with (which will be dictated by the size of your swimming pool) your upfront investment is going to sit between about $700 and $970. This is a very affordable price point when you factor in overall total cost of ownership throughout the lifetime of this technology even if it is just slightly more expensive than traditional chlorination units.


“This unit has made cleaning and maintaining a crystal-clear swimming pool about as simple as can be. The fact that it runs on nothing more than electricity and table salt is almost unbelievable when you consider the results you’ll start to see almost immediately”

“No more burning eyes, no more itchy skin, and no more overwhelming chlorine smell just to keep my swimming pool open in the middle of summer. This is a game changer!

“Installation was simple and straightforward, though you’ll want to make sure that your using the right voltage hookup for this technology. Other than that it’s pretty much ready to go right out of the box”


With so many different options available when it comes to getting the right amount of chlorine into your pool, including the “old-school” approach of manually adding liquid or tablet chlorine and then hoping you hit your figures right on the head, trying to find the perfect system for your swimming pool can feel like an uphill battle.

But if you want to eliminate a lot of the headache, a lot of the hassle, and a lot of the manual labor necessary to keep your swimming pool crystal-clear and perfectly sanitary – all while completely eliminating the need for traditional chlorine chemicals that can be pretty harsh and unpleasant – it doesn’t get better than the Hayward Salt Cell system.

There’s a reason why there are so many glowingly positive Hayward Salt Cell testimonals online today, why so many in these reviews recommend this technology so heartily, and why people invest in these kinds of salt chlorinators at almost two times the rate of options from the top competing manufacturers.

Sure, you’re going to have a lot of choices to navigate when you are getting ready to invest in a salt chlorinator unit. But if you want a system that is reliable, dependable, and easy to install right out of the box (as well as a system that’s going to work for years and years to come at a very low operating cost), the choice becomes much easier.

Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself writing your own glowingly positive Hayward Salt Cell review after a single season running this technology in your swimming pool!

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