The Pentair Easy Touch Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s

The Pentair Easy Touch Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s

A short intro to the Pentair Easy Touch

Pentair Easy Touch is a range of control systems for pools and spas. Those who are familiar with Compool of Pentair might be aware that EasyTouch is an upgrade from the erstwhile system. Pool and spa owners who have Compool systems can upgrade to Pentair EasyTouch. Those who have not used Compool or other systems can straightaway choose one of the EasyTouch systems. Pentair has two other technologies in this niche, namely IntelliConnect and IntelliCenter control systems.

Pentair Easy Touch Features

EasyTouch offers full control of every feature you may have in your pool and spa. There are a few standard control systems and advanced features. The control panel is convenient to use. Those who are not accustomed to using such systems will have no problem getting familiar with the interface. The controls are easy and the manual anyway explains everything. Pentair is a market leader in pool and spa products. The EasyTouch systems are a reflection of their commitment to developing state of the art products.

Screenlogic Interface

The EasyTouch systems can be synced with ScreenLogic2® Interface. This provides full control through mobile devices and computers or laptops. The control system has advanced features such as support for IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator and colored lighting. UltraTemp® Heat Pump can be integrated with any of the EasyTouch systems. There is support for MagicStream® Laminar and IntelliChem® Controller. The systems can be accessed from iPad® and iPhone® or iPod touch® and Android®, Mac® or PC. The systems are compatible with IntelliBrite® 5g Pool and Spa Light. Each of these functions can be accessed with one touch of a button. There is a load center that is fully self-contained. There are optional controllers as well. Users do not have to remember or memorize the operating sequences. Opening and closing of valves, resetting thermostats or time clocks are now unprecedentedly easy.

Pentair Easy Touch systems have integrated diagnostics. It can automatically verify display, switches, microprocessor, indicators, valve and relay outputs, communication ports and sensor inputs. The diagnostic screen displays reports about failures, troubleshooting requisites and if repairs are needed. The packages usually come with 150A breaker base. All systems are approved by UL and cUL. A typical Easy Touch system is 26” by 17” by 5.25” in height, width and depth respectively.

Control panel

We found a lot of features to like in our Pentair Easy Touch review. Programming is effortless with the control panel. The LCD provides all the information one needs to take an appropriate step for the desired outcome. There is a service mode that tests and troubleshoots the system. The load center does this job and no service technician is required to walk into your house to gain access to the indoor unit. There is a timeout mode to resume programs after brief intervals. Reprogramming is not required. The circuit breakers are resettable and they are integrated with the load center.


Pentair claims it Easy Touch systems are affordable. This may be up for some debate depending on how much someone can afford. But there are many claims of the company that are indisputable. Our Pentair Easy Touch review revealed how convenient and easy the entire system is. Easy Touch systems can function automatically due to the various features. Users do not have to remember operating sequences. Time clocks can be reset blissfully. Thermostats can be controlled remotely. Valves can be operated without accessing the pad. There are push button functions with clear displays and helpful instructions. The standard operating procedure is so simple that anyone can get used to the system in no time.

ScreenLogic2 is an optional interface kit but most users will want to have this convenience. Every feature that can be integrated is accessible through this application. From jets to temperatures, water features to lighting and practically everything in a pool or spa can be conveniently regulated with Easy Touch systems. The system comes with several accessories but is not hard to manage. Installation too is quite easy. Pentair has a truckload of information available on its official site and also sends all essential guides in the kit. Pool and spa owners will certainly have a fun time with their Easy Touch solution.

Pentair Easy Touch Models

The exact specifications of an Easy Touch control system depends on the precise model. 520591 is a single body system without IntelliChlor. It does not have any actuator or ICP. It is an EasyTouch 4P variant. 520703 is an EasyTouch 8P variant. 520538 is for pool and spa with two actuators. 520540 is the more advanced variant of 520538. 520592 includes IntelliChlor Cell and Transformer. It also includes IC20 cell and SCG integration. There are many such variants of Pentair Easy Touch control systems. There are some suitable for saltwater pools and spas. Not all models come with a remote control. Those that don’t are compatible though so one can buy a remote control separately.

Pentair Easy Touch Pros and Cons

There are many advantages of the EasyTouch series of control systems. Remote access, syncing, the integration of the load center, built-in diagnostics, compatibility with almost all major features in pools and spas, the simplicity of operation, easy instructions, quick access to important functions, the lack of memorization of sequences and the straightforward procedures of using the whole system are certainly wonderful attributes. The range of models in the series might make it a tad perplexing for some pool and spa owners to choose. However, there is enough information available from Pentair that can simplify the whole process. It is easy to prioritize what you need and accordingly look for a model that delivers on all fronts. The only issue some people may have is with the prices of the more advanced and inclusive Easy Touch control systems.

Pentair Easy Touch Prices

Pentair Easy Touch 520547 costs around $600. 520591 costs a little more. Pentair Easy Touch 520593 costs almost $1,500. 520549, which is a Pentair Easy Touch indoor control panel for eight circuit systems costs a tad over $300. The prices vary widely depending on the specifications and the nature of the system.

Customer Reviews

A massive majority of customers are amazed at the convenience offered by EasyTouch. The interfaces work like a breeze. Integration is swift and reliable. The control systems can practically regulate everything that can be turned on and off, spiked up or toned down. The only issue some customers have is the price. The product is not the most inexpensive but it is totally worthwhile. There is another issue some customers have highlighted. It is the need to hire an electrician. Owing to the very nature of these control systems, EasyTouch has a rather complicated wiring setup. Not everyone can attend to this wiring or all the setting up, syncing and integrating. Hiring an electrician may be imperative for many pool and spa owners. This can add on to the expense. There are places in the country where electricians will charge a few hundred dollars to set up systems like the Easy Touch.


Easy Touch is for every pool and spa owner who has more than one or two features and wants to enjoy convenient yet reliable access. Pentair has always been known for making reliable products. Easy Touch works in real-time and the access is extremely simple. A bit of familiarizing after the relatively extensive setup and you are guaranteed to have a blissful time whenever you access the control panel. Pool and spa owners should choose the most suitable model in the series.

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