The Pentair WhisperFlo Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s of this Pool pump

The Pentair WhisperFlo Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s of this Pool pump

A short intro to the Pentair WhisperFlo

In the Pentair WhisperFlo review it’s important to learn that the pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool.  This acts kind of like the ‘circulatory’ system.  It’s pumping system is responsible for keeping the main ‘organ’ clear of debris and keeps the chemicals mixed in by pushing the water back into the filtration system and then back out.  Using a pump is vital to sustain the longevity of the life of the pool.  Over an extended duration, not cleaning your pool and loads of rubbish will lead to damage and costly repairs or replacement.

It is also vital to be as conservative as possible for the environment.  If possible you should use a pool skimmer to take the debris off the surface of the water whenever you can to save on the pump use.  How long you use your pump is going to depend on the size of your pool and how much time you use it. The rule of thumb in order to save on your pool maintenance costs as well as your electricity bill is to buy a smaller, higher efficiency pump and use it only as many hours as are absolutely necessary.  A misconception is that the pumps need to run constantly for the operation of the system to be successful and that is not true.  Running it several times a day for short periods, no less than 6 hours at a time, should be sufficient unless it is used consistently.  At that point, you would want to run it up to 8 hours and do checks for clarity and chemical balance. So, how do you choose a pool pump?

Whisperflo Models

Pentair offers several models of the WhisperFlo pool pump and a few of them are among the top on the market.  There are various available so you should be able to find one that will be right for you.  Let’s take a look.

Pentair WhisperFlo H-P Energy Efficient Single Speed Full Rated Pool Pump, 1 HP, 115/208-230 Volt, 1 Phase

This pump will provide the ultimate performance with any size of pool spa/pool combo that you may have with your home. It is touted as being ‘built to endure a lifetime’ indicating that being used as per manufacturer’s instructions, this particular pump will provide the highest flow of water from any other higher-performing single-speed pump on the market giving the lowest electric consumption because it will use a lower horsepower to accomplish the necessary flow. The WhisperFlo moves water in a much more quiet and efficient manner than any of its competitors due to its revolutionary hydraulic layout. 

The thermoplastic housing can hold up against extreme heat as well as resist corrosion.  There is never a need for lubrication of the motor shaft or sealed bearings as they are stainless steel and rustproof along with the commercial-grade motor frame.  Turbulence and noise are cut down due to the unusual diffuser which is a FunnelFlo and higher efficiency impeller but the flow of the water and energy efficiency are increased. The time between cleaning is extended because of the strainer basket which is oversize.


  • Because of the thermoplastic housing, it can hold up against the hottest temperature and also resist corrosion.
  • The pump is super quiet.
  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate.
  • Time can be extended between cleanings because it has a strainer basket that is oversize.


  • This pump prices at $603.48 on Amazon’s site.


Pentair WhisperFlo Review rated at 4.1 *  of 5 *.  The consensus was that this is a ‘great pump’.  That is how a lot of the reviews started out.  Some of the folks were replacing a Pentair that they had for years with this model.  No complaints and would definitely recommend said many.  It is quieter than previous pumps they have had but yet more powerful.  They felt it was a great buy.  They were all seemingly very happy and felt it ‘worked like a charm’.  The majority of folks felt that this was a very good piece of equipment.

Pentair WhisperFlo H-P Energy Efficient Single Speed Up Rated Pump, 2 Horsepower, 208-230 Volt, 1 phase


The price on Amazon for this pump is $658.93.


Pentair WhisperFlo Review rated at 4.4 * of 5 *.  Right off it was rated as energy efficient.  Another person indicated that ‘Pentair makes good stuff’.  Others felt that the pump works great and that it is very quiet.  Some said it ran their pool equipment extremely well along with it was the best pump they ever had.  Basic consensus was definitely a win for this pump.

Pentair WhisperFlo H-P Standard Efficiency Single Speed Up Rated Pool Pump, 1 HP, 115/230 Volt, 1 phase.


The Amazon price for this pump is $549.41.


Pentair WhisperFlo Review rating 3.9 * of 5 *.  Some felt that this pump is much more quiet than the pumps that they had previously owned and others felt that it was very powerful and that their pools are much cleaner after its use.  Many of them found it to be extremely installation friendly and after using it were surprised to learn that it was energy efficient and saved them money to operate which made them very happy.  Overall, people were pleased with their purchase of this pump.

Pentair 1.5 H-P WhisperFlo WFE-26 Efficient In Ground Swimming Pool Pump


The price with Amazon for this pump was $639.99.


Pentair WhisperFlo Review rated at 4.0 * of 5*.  ‘These Pentair pool pumps are top-notch’ was the first rating.  This person had absolutely nothing but good things to say about Pentair and their products.  Some felt the price was great and others found the pump to be awesome and the operation very user friendly.  All of the reviews for the Pentair WhisperFlo were positive.

Pentair WhisperFlo H-P Energy Efficient Single Speed Up Rated Pump, 115/208-230 volt, 1 phase, 1.5 hp


The Amazon price for this pump is $539.99.

Pentair WhisperFlo Review was rated at 4.3 * of 5 *.  Most folks felt that this pump worked wonderfully when they received it.  Others said that they were very glad that they had purchased this model because the motor was so quiet and it was a fantastic pump and impeller combination.  Some offered that they would definitely recommend it as they found it to be super powerful and delivered just as Pentair promised.  Overall a great product.



  • The pump is super quiet with use.
  • It is energy-efficient and cost-effective saving you money with the operation.
  • Installation is very fast and easy.
  • Offers an oversized strainer basket which makes cleanings less frequent.
  • Well priced for value.


This is not really a con for the Pentair WhisperFlo itself.  To be a little bit environmentally friendly, try to save your pool pump a little work and skim the surface debris with your pool skimmer whenever possible just to give it a break.


Maintaining a pool takes work and the proper equipment.  You want to have quality products that will help preserve the life and integrity of it, and with Pentair’s rave reviews, it seems their pumps would be a step in the right direction as far as keeping it clean and free of debris. This Pentair WhisperFlo review gave a lot of options that should lead you to one that would be perfect for your needs.  Pentair will make the work easier so you can spend more time in the water.  Enjoy!

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